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Changing the future of financial services through digital innovation

Mizuho is using cutting-edge technology and collaborating with external organizations to provide more convenient services for our customers.

Mizuho's initiatives

As a megabank, Mizuho has built a robust customer base and wealth of industry information and worked to develop strength in the areas of financial knowledge and technology. In the past, Mizuho's business has not always been viewed as strong when it comes to innovation, advanced technology, and assessment of a field's future business potential. In today's business environment, however, by collaborating with Fintech companies and major vendors that possess these strengths, Mizuho is working to create new business and provide more convenient services for our customers, and to enhance our brand image as a financial institution.

Establishment of Blue Lab

To help develop and commercialize next-generation business models based on both Fintech and IoT technologies, we established Blue Lab with the WiL Group, a venture capital firm, and other partners in June 2017.

Mizuho's Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDIO) was appointed as president of Blue Lab, and employees from our Digital Innovation Department were seconded or transferred to Blue Lab to create new platforms based on the concept of open innovation. This environment enables an agile management style which is particularly conducive to global expansion.

Establishment of Blue Lab

Principal initiatives

Activities to develop new business and optimize business processes, including building settlement platforms covering overseas transactions, developing of software for automating business tasks using artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data, and applying blockchain with the aim of increasing operational efficiency in supply chain management (SCM) and trade finance.

Utilizing technology

  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Robotics and other technology

Creating new business Expanding profits



J.Score was set up in November 2016 as a joint venture by Mizuho and Softbank, and was launched to provide the first AI score–based consumer lending as a Fintech service in Japan.

In the six months since the beginning of operations, business has expanded steadily and J.Score has provided about 130,000 scores. Loans outstanding resulting from these scores total approximately ¥3.5 billion, as of the end of March 2018.

In addition, J.Score has continued to expand its cutting–edge services, including a tie–up with Yahoo! Japan for usage of information services (in June 2018), and release of a mobile application (in July 2018).

Pilot test of cashless payments in Fukushima

Beginning in June 2018, Mizuho and Toho Bank started pilot testing the Pring payments app in Fukushima Prefecture with the aims of revitalizing the regional economy and promoting wider use of cashless payments to increase convenience for residents of the region.

Pilot test of cashless payments in Fukushima