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2018 Integrated Report

2018 Integrated Report view the e–book
(Including page 1 to 109)

Selected Pages

Only the required portion can be downloaded checking the contents of the Integrated Report.

Cover, Our Corporate Philosophy, and Contents (PDF/525KB)
About Mizuho
Mizuho's journey, Business domain, Value creation process, Principal financial and non–financial data, Mizuho in fiscal 2017 (PDF/1,177KB)
Our goals
Message from the Group CEO (PDF/177KB)
Message from the Group CFO (PDF/259KB)
Our strategies for creating value
Medium–term business plan progress (PDF/51KB)
Our fundamental structural reforms (PDF/51KB)
Changing the future of financial services through digital innovation (PDF/241KB)
Sustainability (PDF/360KB)
Retail & Business Banking Company (PDF/268KB)
Corporate & Institutional Company (PDF/212KB)
Global Corporate Company (PDF/358KB)
Global Markets Company (PDF/234KB)
Asset Management Company (PDF/203KB)
Global Products Unit (PDF/214KB)
Research & Consulting Unit (PDF/241KB)
Foundations for our corporate value
Corporate governance (PDF/1,488KB)
Risk governance (PDF/85KB)
Compliance (PDF/56KB)
Fiduciary duties (PDF/45KB)
IT strategy (PDF/63KB)
Corporate culture and employee engagement (PDF/182KB)
Compliance with international financial regulations (PDF/43KB)
Stakeholder communication (PDF/115KB)
Financial review
Six–year major financial data (FY2012–2017), Review and analysis for fiscal 2017 (PDF/124KB)
Company information
Office network, Corporate profile (As of March 31, 2018), Group companies (As of March 31, 2018, except for each company's network, which is as of June 30, 2018) (PDF/840KB)
Compliance contacts (PDF/41KB)
Support for SMEs and regional revitalization (PDF/46KB)
Internal audit structure (PDF/41KB)
Risk management structure (PDF/103KB)
Business continuity management (PDF/31KB)
Senior executives (PDF/50KB)
Location of offices outside Japan (As of June 30, 2018) (PDF/64KB)
Investor information (PDF/37KB)
Financial Analysis [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/377KB)
Financial Data of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/685KB)
Non–Consolidated Financial Statements of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. and Three Subsidiaries [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/335KB)
Basel Regulatory Disclosures (PDF/812KB)
Disclosure Policy (PDF/56KB)

Global Business

East Asia (PDF/395KB)
Asia and Oceania (PDF/229KB)
Americas (PDF/461KB)
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) (PDF/409KB)