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2017 Integrated Report

2017 Integrated Report view the e–book
(Including page 1 to 103)

Selected Pages

Only the required portion can be downloaded checking the contents of the Integrated Report.

Cover, Brand Slogan, and Contents (PDF/439KB)
About Mizuho
Mizuho's Journey, Business Domain, Mizuho by the Numbers (PDF/218KB)
Our Goals
Message from the Group CEO (PDF/127KB)
Message from the Group CFO (PDF/65KB)
Value Creation Process (PDF/91KB)
Our Strategies for Creating Value
Progress of the Medium–term Business Plan, Proactive involvement in financial innovation (PDF/141KB)
For the Sustainable Development of Society and Mizuho (PDF/313KB)
Mizuho in Fiscal 2016 (PDF/262KB)
Retail & Business Banking Company (PDF/172KB)
Corporate & Institutional Company (PDF/173KB)
Global Corporate Company (PDF/206KB)
Global Markets Company (PDF/232KB)
Asset Management Company (PDF/190KB)
Global Products Unit (PDF/198KB)
Research & Consulting Unit (PDF/167KB)
Increasing the Global Presence (PDF/127KB)
Foundations for Our Corporate Value
Corporate Governance, Board of Directors, Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors (PDF/474KB)
Risk Governance (PDF/42KB)
Risk Management (PDF/33KB)
Compliance (PDF/45KB)
Fiduciary Duties (PDF/22KB)
IT Strategy (PDF/51KB)
Embed a Corporate Culture that Encourages the Active Participation of Our Workforce (PDF/233KB)
Stakeholder Communication (PDF/71KB)
Financial Data (PDF/54KB)
Company Infomation (PDF/1,074KB)
Compliance Contacts (PDF/44KB)
Management Support for SME Customers and Regional Revitalization (PDF/26KB)
Internal Audit Structure (PDF/22KB)
Risk Management Structure (PDF/117KB)
Business Continuity Management (PDF/16KB)
Senior Executives (PDF/37KB)
Location of Overseas Offices (PDF/47KB)
Investor Information (PDF/23KB)
Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy Regarding Customer Information (PDF/34KB)
Financial Analysis [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/375KB)
Financial Data of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/728KB)
Non–Consolidated Financial Statements of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. and Three Subsidiaries [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/333KB)
Status of Capital Adequacy (PDF/642KB)
Websites, Back Cover (PDF/152KB)

Global Business

East Asia (PDF/373KB)
Asia and Oceania (PDF/238KB)
Americas (PDF/376KB)
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) (PDF/427KB)