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Working Capital Efficiency

Working Capital Needs

Working capital. Without it, companies cannot operate efficiently or remain competitive.

Whether you have limited cash resources or excess capital to invest, identifying ways to manage cash flow and liquidity more effectively is critical to ensuring the continued growth and expansion of your business.

With our global full service transaction banking platform, Mizuho helps you successfully meet all your working capital needs.

Business Cycle

Comprehensive Cash Conversion Cycle Capabilities

Increased free cash flow is critical to strengthening the competitive edge of your business. In cash management, Mizuho helps companies:

・Maximize all forms of business revenues, including deposits, currency exchanges and securities settlements.

・Generate cash flow with accounts receivables financing support.

・Manage every step of the cash conversion cycle to better leverage cash flow while saving transaction fees and hedging non–payment risk.

・Globally manage financing, collections and payments, internal cash pooling and investments in an integrated manner.

Addressing Treasury Needs

Your cash management and related operations can benefit significantly from leading treasury solutions, business insights and industry information from Mizuho.

Mizuho's global treasury services encompass a range of convenient technology solutions that include deposits, an online banking and e–Treasurer platform, optimized investment solutions and cash pooling and controlled disbursement. All of these services are designed to maximize your cash flow, reduce borrowing costs, improve internal audit controls and increase operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Treasury Services:

・Foreign exchange yen clearing system agent for more than fifty global financial institutions (indirect participants).

・More than 2,500 overseas correspondents and more than 800 correspondent bank's accounts on our books.

・An extensive yen–funding source (with 24 million retail deposit accounts).

Yen clearing services have always been a strength, but you cannot remain successful without strong relationships. You need to be able to tap services from financial institutions for everything from treasury solutions to investment banking and asset management services.

A key advantage of relying on Mizuho is the sophisticated and speedy yen settlement and clearing services we offer, which are second to none and cover all four of Japan's prime clearing systems. You can monitor all transactions for your accounts through the proprietary M–GATE system. For international clients, our client service desk will respond to your inquiries in Japanese, English or Chinese.

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