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Q1Please explain Mizuho's CSR initiatives.
A1Recognizing that CSR initiatives help contribute to the sustainable development of society and provide the platform for creating and advancing corporate value, Mizuho has positioned CSR initiatives as a pillar of its corporate conduct.
In implementing its CSR activities, Mizuho has identified the strengthening efforts to promote businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of society, reinforce the group's foundations that underpin activities in line with society's expectations, and promote social contribution activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society, as three initiative policies to address over medium– and long–term. Moreover, Mizuho has put forward the group's annual initiative policy that helps to crystallize activities in each of three initiative policies. Based on this policy, group companies formulate measures that take into consideration individual business strategies while working in unison to achieve the group's overarching CSR goals.
Please see CSR on this website, and our CSR Report for details.
Q2Please explain Mizuho's HR initiatives to support all employees' active participation and contribution to the organization.
A2Mizuho aims to continuously increase employee engagement, creating a virtuous circle of growth between employees and the organization. Therefore, Mizuho's HR management is designed to encourage employees to exercise their abilities to their maximum potential, and to continuously expand their capabilities and expertise and enjoy long and fulfilling careers at Mizuho, by motivating them to both advance their own careers and contribute to the organization.
Please see Employees on this website for details.
Q3Please explain about promotion of diversity in Mizuho.
A3Beyond simply promoting diversity, Mizuho will be progressive in the implementation of the next stage of our diversity & inclusion initiatives and actively engage our employees by leveraging their diverse perspectives, thinking, and values. Mizuho aims to be at the forefront of the area and commit to actively incorporating global best practices.
Please see Employees on this website for details.
Q4Please explain Mizuho's initiatives to raise human rights awareness.
A4We have the basic policy that "The Group respects the dignity and human rights of customers, officers, employees and all persons. It also establishes a corporate culture in which human rights are fully respected." We conduct various training programs and distribute educational materials to raise human rights awareness among our employees.
Please see the section on Human Rights on this website for details.
Q5Where can I find Mizuho's IR presentation materials?
A5We implement proactive investor relations activities in order that our shareholders, investors and other market participants may better understand our group. Please see IR Presentations on this website for presentation materials and archives. Our Disclosure Policy sets forth the principles regarding the corporate disclosure of our group.
Q6Which analysts cover Mizuho?
A6Please see Analyst Coverage on this website for the analyst coverage of the group.
Q7How can I check on information regarding Mizuho's IR events?
A7Please see IR Events on this website for details. Contents are continuously updated.
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