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Mizuho MyWing

MHBK has begun to offer the "Mizuho MyWing" product that provides support for working women to realize their dreams and greater day–to–day affluence.

MHBK, after analyzing many kinds of market data and customer surveys, concluded that working women in their 20s and 30s are avid consumers and have latent borrowing needs that include obtaining funds for earning various official qualifications and studying abroad. On the other hand, however, women tend to use loan products less frequently than men.

MHBK decided to take steps to lower the barriers to the use of loan products and encourage the use of these products to help customers realize their dreams. To do this, MHBK developed a package of seven services, called Mizuho MyWing, that have a positive image as new loan products and are suited to the needs and lifestyles of working women, based on the concepts of "security," "convenience," and "good value." MHBK began to offer this new service package in February 2014.

Mizuho MyWing addresses one of the important issues that stand in the way of customers who may wish to use loan financing, which is uncertainty about making repayments. To address this, MHBK included in the package two PC/mobile applications; namely, "Osaifu (billfold) Application," and "Repayment Simulation Service" application that enable day–to–day household financial management, and "Money Consul–Phone" or money consultation services via telephone. MHBK also increased the convenience of its services by adding a cash card for customers' demand deposits with a loan function. In addition, the Mizuho MyWing service provides presents for customers and useful information via seminar events. As this suggests, considerable thought went into the development of this new product to offer customers high–value–added services.

Through the continuing development of these convenient products, MHBK is working to provide financial products and services that help customers "realize their dreams."

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The seven services included in Mizuho MyWing
Security Osaifu (billfold) Application A smartphone application that makes household financial management pleasant and simple. When customers input monthly income and expenses, the character Hello Kitty provides them with advice.
Repayment Simulation Application A service that simulates repayments of Watashi Oen (My Support) Loans on PCs and smartphones
Money Consul–Phone Service Telephone service that allows customers to receive advice on money matters that concern them related to household finances, savings, and asset management
Convenience Watashi Oen Loan (My Support Loan) A loan product that provide support for financing customers' dreams. This service includes a cash card loan function linked to customers' demand deposit accounts. Customers can enjoy convenience without an additional card.
Good value Kokoro Kirameku (Cheer up) Presents Service that offers drawings for presents, with the value linked to the customer's balance of Watashi Oen Loans
Otoku Info (Good Value Information) Service that offers a website filled with valuable information and an e–mail magazine
Self–Improvement Seminars Service that keeps customers informed about useful seminars and other events that make their lifestyles more affluent


Poster of Mizuho MyWing

Voices of Employees


Atsuko Oono
Loan Business Development Division, Mizuho Bank

MHBK has many loan products, but women tend to use card loans less frequently than men, and my feeling was that these loans might not be answering sufficiently to the needs of women.

Therefore, based on conducting market surveys and questionnaires, we developed the Mizuho MyWing as a loan product that is differentiated by its positive image. We developed this new product with the idea of "supporting women who want to take further steps toward realizing their dreams." In posters and pamphlets, we took care to use the color pink to give a positive and future–oriented image.

Looking ahead, to respond to the various needs of our customers, we are taking the initiative in expanding our product and service lineup.


Keiko Oyama
Personal Banking Section,
Hamamatsucho Branch, Mizuho Bank

Although there are latent needs, we have experienced difficulty in attracting the interest of women in making use of loan products. But by combining the Osaifu (billfold) Application and the Kokoro Kirameku (Cheer Up) Present, and Watashi Oen Loan (My Support Loans) into one package, we drew the attention of female customers.

We were able to create a future–oriented image among customers for Mizuho MyWing, and, mainly among customers who are working women, they are using it to realize their dreams, including studying abroad.