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Life Stage Support Plan

Mizuho has begun to offer its Life Stage Support Plan (for adjustments in loan repayment amounts) that makes it possible for customers to change their housing loan repayments flexibly to meet the cash needs of various stages in their lives.

In general, housing loans are made for terms of several decades, but, over that period, household income and expenses may not remain the same. For example, there are possibilities that customers may marry and have children, change jobs, have to pay for the education of their children, or encounter other major events in their lives. Even with such changes that have an influence on household accounts, housing loan repayments are usually fixed. That is why many housing loan borrowers say, "When incomes decrease or expenditures rise, it would be useful to make temporary adjustments in housing loan repayments."

In response to these needs of customers and to differentiate MHBK's products and services, MHBK has developed and introduced a new service that provides for increasing or decreasing housing loan repayments when customers find that various events that may occur in their lives alter their household finances. MHBK has named this service the Life Stage Support Plan (hereinafter, the plan) and began to offer it in August 2013. Customers who make use of the plan have assessed it as follows: "When necessary, I can consult with MHBK and that gives me peace of mind."

MHBK will continue to provide support for enabling customers to enjoy security and affluent lifestyles at the various stages in their lives through the use of the plan.

How Customers Use the Life Stage Support Plan