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Special Feature on Initiatives to Enhance Service Offerings

Mizuho has adopted being "the best financial services provider" as Mizuho's Vision of its Medium–Term Business Plan. To reaffirm its commitment to realizing this vision and to raise customer satisfaction, Mizuho has established its Mizuho Service Spirit (MSS) and is working to put MSS into practice.

Also, in the personal banking unit, Mizuho is aiming to be a financial group that continues to be chosen by customers by improving ability to provide services. Mizuho offers a wide range of financial products that meet the needs of customers at various stages in their life cycles. Mizuho also is working to create next–generation financial services that are advanced and sophisticated while also being simple and convenient, as well as easy to understand and use.

In fiscal 2013, Mizuho began to offer reverse mortgages, and, with an eye to introduction of the Nippon Individual Savings Account (NISA), a tax exemption scheme for investment by individuals, expanded its lineup of investment trust products. Along with this, Mizuho is also expanding its offerings of services accessible via smartphones and is making these more and more convenient to use.

Along with these initiatives, Mizuho has also formed a project team for "invigoration of domestic financial assets" and another project team for "next–generation retail banking" in the medium– to long–term. The missions of these teams include looking ahead 10 years to envision what financial services will be like at that time, encouraging the transition from savings to long–term investments, creating frameworks for transferring the wealth of senior citizens to working–age people and considering new retail financial services.

Product–Related Initiatives

This section reports on initiatives to provide new products and services, including loans and asset management.

Delivery Channel Initiatives

This section reports on initiatives via mobile terminals, ATMs, and other channels.

CS Improvement Initiatives

This section reports on activities to improve customer satisfaction, based on the Mizuho Service Spirit.