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CS Improvement Initiatives

Preparation of Group–Wide Understanding regarding Customer Satisfaction

To further improve customer satisfaction (CS), which is an important factor in enabling Mizuho to become "the best financial services provider," in July 2012, Mizuho formed its project team entitled "One MIZUHO: Building the future with you." In the project teams, members from the Group companies who raised their hands and participated to show their interest in improving customer satisfaction, considered seriously the question "for our customers, what is the best service?" and engaged in active discussions. Then, in March 2013, we prepared our "Mizuho Service Spirit" (MSS).

Our MSS is the "Group's common approach" to improving customer satisfaction to become "the best financial services provider," which is one of the goals in Mizuho's Corporate Identity and Vision. At Mizuho, to delight our customers, each and every employee, whether he or she interfaces with customers directly or not, must be aware at all times that the work of every one of us is connected to the customers in the end. Within the customer interaction behavior cycle, we improve customer satisfaction by maintaining the MSS.

Customer Interaction Behavior Cycle

Implementing MSS Autonomously and Spontaneously in Small Meetings

At Mizuho, to take Groupwide initiatives to improve customer satisfaction based on the MSS, in the first half of fiscal 2013, we had employees engaged in the same work tasks at our branches and offices form teams and hold small discussion meetings. Before the meetings, employees saw videos and read materials to deepen their understanding of the MSS. We then had each of them discuss the issues related to customer satisfaction, prepare action plans on specific themes, and then put them into practice.

In addition, to significantly revitalize these activities based on MSS, we made available within the Group, through showing videos and the in–house newsletter, information on excellent initiatives related to customer satisfaction, specific actions based on the MSS, and customer comments. Through these activities, we are focusing efforts on accumulating and sharing knowledge and know–how. Moreover, we give awards to recognize employees whose activities can serve as a model for improving customer satisfaction and provide "good job cards" for employees who are recognized by their fellow workers as taking the customers' perspective. These activities are aimed at increasing awareness of employee initiatives.

Mizuho will continue to work toward being "the best financial services provider" through initiatives for improving customer satisfaction based on the MSS.

Example: Improving Each Individual's Customer Satisfaction Awareness through the Introduction of the MSS Self–evaluation System (Ikebukuro Branch of MHBK)

At the Ikebukuro Branch of MHBK, the number of customers visiting daily is one of the highest in the country (about 7,000 a day) and the staff members total more than a force that is 160 persons strong. At this branch, to have everyone work together effectively to improve customer satisfaction, beginning in July 2013, we introduced the MSS Self–Evaluation System. We set specific activity goals in line with the MSS at the small meeting level, and, at the end of each month, individuals evaluated themselves on four levels.

By giving everyone the opportunity to look back and reflect on their activities, customer satisfaction improves, and we see many cases where customer cards printed with phrases such as "very good service with a smile that made me feel satisfied" and "explanations were really easy to understand."


Small meeting in progress

Example: Effective Role Playing by Career Path and Areas of Responsibility (Hibarigaoka Branch of MHTB)

At the Hibarigaoka Branch of MHTB, in part because of the increase in the number of new employees and young personnel, an issue has been strengthening and bringing asset management advisory capabilities to a higher level with the objective of improving customer satisfaction. To address this issue, the branch issued a proclamation based on the MSS—"Let's polish our skills and respond with a smile!" This has improved our initiatives to improve customer satisfaction mainly through role playing, which is held periodically each week. At first, we were not sure exactly what to do, but by setting themes that varied according to the number of years of experience and work content, such categories as "young employees," "employees in charge of testamentary matters," and "counter personnel," participants became more enthusiastic and training became more effective. As a result of these initiatives, employees gained greater confidence, and they began to propose asset management products to customers proactively, and this brought steady improvements in results.


Training session