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Expanding Services for Mobile Terminals

A New Teller Window for Banking Services

In recent years, smartphones and tablet computers with a diversity of sophisticated functions have come into wide use and brought major changes in the lifestyles of customers. Mizuho believes that, just as the spread of Internet usage brought rapid growth in Internet banking, mobile terminals will become a new channel, or teller window, for banking services.

In view of these trends, MHBK led the industry in beginning to offer banking services for smartphones from the time they first began to come into wider use in Japan. MHBK has accumulated technology and know–how regarding the effective use of mobile terminals, and based on opinions and requests of customers obtained through call centers, application download sites, and other sources of information, MHBK has expanded functions available on mobile terminals and worked to make them easier to use. As a result of these initiatives, users of smartphone banking services have now exceeded one million persons.

MHBK is expanding its services with the concepts of "developing applications that are easy to read and use" and "collaboration between remote channels (mobile terminals) and real channels (branches)" with the aim of providing financial services that customers can use "anytime," "anywhere," "conveniently," and "enjoyably." Through these activities, MHBK is working to become "the best smartphone financial services provider."

Developing Applications that Are Easy to Read and Easy to Use

MHBK is developing applications that reflect particular concern for ease of reading, through the use of larger type and clearer images, and ease of use, through the inclusion of smartphone functions, with the aim of providing optimum benefits to customers.

For example, the "Mizuho Bank Application" that was developed for smartphones and provides a diversity of services at the touch of a finger incorporates a range of features that include being easy–to–read letter size, even on a small screen, improved menu layout, and access to a voice–activated FAQ function. In addition, MHBK's "ATM and branch office search application," which was developed jointly with NTT DOCOMO, makes use of augmented reality (AR) technology to provide a service that makes it easy to locate the nearest branch office.

For tablet computers, MHBK has developed and is offering "Mizuho Bank Application for Tablets," which enables users to confirm and use a wide range of information through the use of its image sliding function on a large easy–to–read screen.

In addition in fiscal 2013, the "Mizuho Bank Kantan (Simple) Account Opening Application" was newly developed. This application makes use of the smartphone camera functions to take photographs of driver's licenses for identification confirmation, and, by inputting and sending the necessary items, this service enables the opening of bank accounts without filling in and sending formal applications, and all new account procedures, from written application to mailing of passbooks, can be completed at the quickest in four business days. This service has been appraised as the first*1 simple and convenient account opening services among the Japanese megabanks.

  • *1: According to research conducted by MHBK (as of Jan 28, 2014)


Mizuho Bank Application

Collaboration between Remote Channels (Mobile Terminals) and Real Channels (Branches)

When expanding services, MHBK applies the concept of collaboration between remote channels (mobile terminals) and real channels (branches). Mobile terminals offer the convenience of being able to use services anywhere and at any time. On the other hand, branches offer the advantages to customers of receiving an in–depth response to their needs and the peace of mind of talking face to face with Bank personnel. MHBK is working to provide services that fuse these two channels and draw on the best features of each to meet the needs of customers in various situations.

Specifically, in fiscal 2013, to enable customers to complete their business at branches pleasantly, use their waiting time effectively, and, thereby, increase convenience, MHBK added new functions to the branch information and navigation functions of its "ATM and branch office search application" that provide information on the level of customer traffic and inform customers by sounding an automatic alarm when their service numbers come up. In addition, MHBK has introduced contactless IC terminals in almost all branches that allow customers to download "Mizuho Bank Application" by pointing their smartphones at the contactless IC terminals.

These "smart reception system that use a mobile device," has been highly appraised, and MHBK has been recognized as one of the companies and associations that is generating outstanding results through the use of mobile computing and has become the first company among companies in all industries to receive a special encouragement award of the MCPC Award*2 for the fourth consecutive year.

MHBK is continuing to take active initiatives to develop new services that make banking services an ever–more integral part of customers' lives.

  • *2: The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) was founded in 1997 to encourage the wider use of mobile computing across all industries.


ATM and branch office search application


Alarm sounds automatically when customer's service number comes up


Contactless IC terminals


Receiving the MCPC award 2014

Outline of the initiatives MHBK is taking to expand services via mobile terminals (from Jun 2010 to Apr 2014)
Jun 2010 Began to provide smartphone services via the MHBK website
Nov 2010 Introduced the first smartphone banking services (excluding those specializing in net banking)
Dec 2010 Began to offer the Ouchi no Okane (Household Money) application for household financial management using augmented reality (AR) technology to provide support for two living together
May 2011 Began to offer the ATM and branch office search application using AR
Sep 2011 Began to accept card loan applications via smartphones
Dec 2011 ATM and branch office search application expanded to include convenience store ATMs
Mar 2012 Began to offer the Mizuho Bank Application for smartphones
Feb 2013 Began to offer the Mizuho Bank Application for Tablets, an application for use with tablet computers
Nov 2013 Added functions to the ATM and branch office search application to provide information on the level of customer traffic and inform customers by sounding an automatic alarm when their service numbers come up
Jan 2014 Began to offer Mizuho Bank Kantan (Simple) Account Opening Application for smartphones
Feb 2014 Introduced contactless IC terminals for smartphones in almost all branches
Feb 2014 Began to handle Internet Account Balance service that enables customers to easily access information on their balances and inflows into and from their deposit accounts via smartphones and PCs
Feb 2014 Began to handle Osaifu (billfold) Application that enable day–to–day household financial management for use on smartphones
Mar 2014 Began to offer a Debit Card Application for use on smartphones
Mar 2014 Began to handle Mizuho Direct Application for use on smartphones