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Enhancing ATM Services

To make services more convenient for customers, MHBK has begun offering services through AEON Bank ATMs.

ATMs make financial services more readily available to customers, and, while they are part of the financial infrastructure offered by banks, they are also an important point of interface with customers. With this in mind, MHBK continues to take initiatives to enhance customers' convenience by expanding its ATM network and broadening the lineup of ATM services.

To strengthen these initiatives, MHBK has concluded a strategic alliance with AEON Bank, Ltd. Beginning in December 2013, MHBK customers can use the ATMs of AEON Bank and pay the same fees as they would for MHBK's ATMs. This alliance represents a convenient arrangement for customers, since MHBK and AEON Bank ATM networks are mutually complementary, with MHBK's ATMs located mainly in the Kanto area and principally in front of or inside railway stations and retail commercial facilities and AEON Bank ATMs installed nationwide in Japan mainly in large–scale shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, and elsewhere.

As a result of this alliance, MHBK now offers the largest ATM network of Japan's megabanks, with about 1,800 MHBK ATMs and about 4,200 AEON Bank ATMs, for a grand total of about 6,000 (as of February 2014). Making use of this network, customers can access their accounts over a much wider geographical area and a considerably broader range of life scenes.

In addition, beginning in March 2014, the operating hours of approximately 600 MHBK ATMs located in front of railway stations have been extended to a maximum of 6am to 2am the next day.

MHBK is taking initiatives to match its service offerings to the diverse lifestyles of its customers, and, by providing substantially enhanced ATM–related offerings, is continuing to offer more convenient services to customers.

Outline of the expansion in MHBK's ATM network

*As of Feb 2014