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Special Feature on Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Focusing on Recovery of Industries and Regional Communities with an Emphasis on Job Creation

Based on its recognition of its essential responsibilities and missions as a financial institution, Mizuho is concertedly marshaling its resources to help restore the lifestyles, industries, and economy of the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, focusing especially on areas that were directly impacted by the disaster. Having established the Tohoku Reconstruction Desk at its headquarters and its Industry and Regional Community Recovery Support Project Team, Mizuho is proactively engaging in information exchange and liaison activities with companies, financial institutions, and local government units in disaster–stricken areas as well as related central government units to maintain an accurate and timely grasp of needs and explore the most effective ways that Mizuho can contribute to reconstruction and recovery.

Three years have passed now since the earthquake disaster. Steady progress is being made in restoring the infrastructure and housing in the affected areas, but is lagging behind the initial plans, and full restoration will take additional time. Labor markets in the region are firm, but this may be temporary and due in part to temporary public–sector demand. In addition, populations in the region have decreased, and the number of volunteers aiding in the recovery effort has diminished. Mizuho believes that the issues that must be confronted going forward include strengthening the industrial infrastructure with an eye to the future, revitalizing new cities and towns after restoration of the infrastructure and housing, and communicating information on current conditions in the region.

Based on this perspective, Mizuho is placing emphasis on "job creation" by making the most of its broad range of capabilities—including those for industrial research, public–private partnership financing schemes, and other diverse financing methods, trust banking functions, and consulting—to provide support for industrial and regional revitalization. The Group is also engaging in various kinds of social contribution activities aimed at helping to promote the recovery of disaster–stricken areas. In addition, Mizuho is communicating information on its initiatives both internally and externally and is working to create a shared awareness of conditions in these areas.

Support for Creating Businesses that Increase Employment

This section reports on examples of initiatives to contribute to developing industries and creating new employment opportunities through business redevelopment, and nurturing new industries.

Initiatives toward the Creation of the "New Tohoku"

This section reports on Mizuho's initiatives to create a "New Tohoku" in collaboration with a diversity of interests.

Social Contribution Activities in the Disaster–Stricken Areas

This section reports on social contribution activities aimed at recovery in the disaster–stricken areas.