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Measures for the Enhancement of Group Governance

In order to fulfill our social responsibilities as a member of the global financial community, we will exert efforts to further enhance our group governance and strengthen our crisis management capabilities, in addition to our efforts to further facilitate the progress of our business model. Furthermore, the Group will continuously make efforts to establish a strong corporate culture that supports strong group governance.

Strengthening Governance through Transforming into a Company with Committees

As part of efforts to further enhance our group governance, in June 2014, the Group transformed itself into a Company with Committees. Through such measures, the Group will thoroughly separate the supervisory functions from the execution of business in order to strengthen the supervisory functions by the Board of Directors over the execution of business and ensure the effectiveness of governance. At the same time, by delegating the Board of Directors' decision–making authority concerning the execution of business to the Executive Officers to the maximum extent permitted by laws and regulations, the Group will realize the swift and flexible decision making that makes company management with a sense of speed possible.

In addition, the Group will secure the transparency and fairness of its supervision process by actively introducing the perspective of outside persons in the Nominating Committee, Compensation Committee, and Audit Committee. Furthermore, the Group will actively adopt the global trends concerning governance through such measures as appointment of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors from among, in principle, Outside Director.

As for the strengthening of the Group's crisis management capabilities, through the newly established designated organizations, the Group will continue to establish systems that will respond appropriately to crises by accurately detecting signs and indicators of crises in advance, in addition to its effort to strengthen the ability to respond to emergency situations or events of emergency.


Measures to Form a Common Culture throughout the Group

To form a common culture throughout the Group, each and every employee will take a flexible approach to changes in society and proactively step up to the challenges they face. Mizuho will also promote further strengthening the One MIZUHO Promotion Project Team in Japan and overseas by integrating the banking, trust banking, and securities functions from the perspective of driving the self–starting actions of each and every employee.

Specifically, it will further strengthen continued actions related to each initiative that was started in the first year of the medium–term business plan, by having each division and branch create its own visions by holding discussions and supporting the initiatives towards realizing these visions, commencing discussion sessions with senior management at all head office and marketing offices, and off–site meetings for general managers of head office divisions and marketing offices at major group companies.