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Special Feature on Activities to Nurture Next–Generation Industries

As a financial institution based in Japan, Mizuho aims to contribute to the development of Japan's economy and society and strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese industries. Active initiatives include "participation in creating the systems and frameworks through making policy recommendations and other activities," "providing support for structuring business models, business matching, industry and business realignments, and other assistance," and "supplying risk money and demonstrating risk–taking capabilities." Mizuho has positioned agriculture, medical care, the senior market, the environment, and energy as growth industries. With the Next–Generation Industry Development Project Team as the focal point, Mizuho is aiming to support the nurturing of industries and develop opportunities for its own business activities. Mizuho is proceeding with these activities from a medium– to long–term perspective and on a group–wide basis.

In fiscal 2013, Mizuho concentrated on a number of initiatives that were based on the strategies contained in its New Medium–Term Business Plan. These are "to perform consulting functions taking advantage of our industry and business knowledge and forwarded–looking perspective" and "to strengthen risk–taking functions for growth industries and corporations." Thus, drawing on its strengths in knowledge of industries and sectors and in collaboration with both the public and private sectors, Mizuho focused especially on strengthening the competitiveness of agriculture, developing and upgrading industries to support the advanced aging society along with environmental improvements, broadening the use of renewable energy, and exporting Japan's environment–related technology.

Initiatives for Agriculture

This section reports on initiatives aimed at nurturing the sixth industry initiative.

Initiatives in Medical Care and the Senior Market

This section reports on active initiatives to developing and upgrading industries to support the advanced aging society along with environmental improvements.

Overview of Initiatives in the Environmental and Energy Fields

This section reports on Mizuho initiatives to promote environmental and energy–related industries as growth fields where Japanese companies can be competitive.

Initiatives in the Asian Region

This section reports on examples of investments by the fund for infusing capital into companies in the ASEAN region.

Initiatives for Supporting the Development of Social Entrepreneurs

This section reports on initiatives of Ashoka Japan, which is supported by Mizuho.