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Use of Trust Arrangements for Solar Power Generation Facilities

MHTB has become the first among the trust and banking companies to provide trust arrangements for solar power generation facilities. In May 2013, MHTB concluded arrangements with Ideal Solar LLC (hereinafter, the company) for the real estate portion of the first such project, namely, the megasolar power generation project of Takakuma–cho, Kanoya–shi, Kagoshima Prefecture.

The company is a special–purpose company formed jointly for investments in renewable energy sources in Japan by Interaction Co., Ltd., which engages in the development and manufacturing of solar power related equipment, and the DAQO Group, a Chinese electric machinery manufacturer. This company is aiming to install power generation facilities with an output capacity equivalent to 200MW (in Japan).

Under this project, MHTB will purchase land in Kanoya–shi, Kagoshima Prefecture and develop and operate a 1.5MW solar power facility. As the trustee, MHTB will be the owner of the land and the facility and will also be responsible for applying for equipment permits from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, making arrangements for connecting to the power grids of electric power utilities, and other related matters. In addition, MHTB will develop the facilities of solar power generation and supply electric power to electric power utilities and other companies during the period of power purchase based on the Special Measures Law Regarding Purchase of Electricity Generated by Power Producers from Renewable Energy Sources.

Under this scheme, MHTB will provide long–term, stable asset management and administrative functions for companies planning to enter the renewable energy power producer business. In addition, since the trust arrangements will make it possible to buy and sell rights to the income generated by the project, in the future MHTB will consider these trust arrangements as a way of offering a wider diversity of investment instruments.


The solar power generation facility to be operated by the project