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Overview of Initiatives in the Environmental and Energy Fields

To attain sustained growth of the economy and society, initiatives to preserve the global environment will be needed on a worldwide basis. In all countries, the issue will be to secure the safety of energy supplies first, and then provide stable and economical supplies of energy that respond to environmental requirements.

Mizuho, through its main business of providing financial products and services and based on the concept that, as a financial institution, its responsibility to society as a whole is to promote consideration for the environment, is taking initiatives in the environmental and energy fields. Both of these are growth sectors where Japanese companies can demonstrate their competitiveness based on their advanced technologies.

The Group companies are undertaking environment–related activities in their respective business areas. Group companies are also aiming to contribute to nurturing environment– and energy–related industries and expand exports of infrastructure packages that embody Japan's advanced technologies by drawing fully on the Group's knowledge and its network, while collaborating with many other interests in the public and private sectors. Specific examples include Mizuho's active implementation of many projects that have thus far been regarded as difficult to undertake, such as geothermal, offshore floating wind farm, and biomass power generation projects. Other initiatives include environmentally friendly city development projects and creating bilateral offset credit arrangements.

Moreover, because of the strong recognition following the Great East Japan Earthquake of the importance of the renewable energy field within Japan's energy policy, MHBK formed an organization–wide Renewable Energy Task Force in August 2011 to act as the central coordinating point for the cross–divisional sharing of information. Drawing on its extensive experience in financing many projects using renewable energy in Europe, which is a region playing a pioneering role in this field, Mizuho is providing broad support for companies newly entering the renewable energy power generation business and making use of the feed–in tariff system for electric power.

In fiscal 2013, MHBK supported a domestic geothermal power generation project, which is regarded as the key to future expansion in geothermal power projects. In addition, MHTB became the first trust and banking company to develop trust arrangements for a megasolar power generation project. In addition, in the field of environmentally friendly city development projects, MHBK and MHIR participated in a smart community test project in the United Kingdom.

Promoting Wider Utilization of Geothermal Power Generation in Japan

This section reports on promoting wider utilization of geothermal power in Japan.

Initiatives for Geothermal Power Generation Construction Projects Overseas

This section reports on initiatives for geothermal power generation construction projects overseas.

Use of Trust Arrangements for Solar Power Generation Facilities

This section reports on use of trust arrangements for solar power generation facilities.

Initiatives for Environmental City Projects

This section reports on initiatives for environmental city projects.