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Initiatives to Strengthen CSR Management

In April 2014, Mizuho prepared its Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy, taking account of the new Mizuho's Corporate Identity established in February 2013 and changes in the external environment. In addition, through the preparation of its Fiscal CSR Initiative Policy, which is linked with its Medium–Term Business Plan, Mizuho is working to strengthen its CSR management.

Basic Approach toward CSR Initiatives

In its Basic Policy on CSR Initiatives, which takes into consideration the Mizuho's Corporate Identity, ISO 26000, and related standards, Mizuho updated its Definition of CSR Initiatives and its Basic Approach toward CSR Initiatives. Based on this fundamental approach, through initiatives of employees that reflect considerable sensitivity toward CSR in the conduct of their duties, Mizuho is implementing unified CSR initiatives with the objective of realizing Mizuho's Vision established in its Corporate Identity.

Mizuho's Vision

The most trusted financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base, contributing to the prosperity of the world, Asia, and Japan

The most trusted financial services group

To be our customer's most trusted partner with innovative thinking and the extensive financial experience and expertise accumulated from relationships with wide–ranging customers.

The best financial services provider

To continuously provide the best leading–edge financial services to each of our customers, the related economies and societies we serve, by anticipating changes on both the global and local stages.

The most cohesive financial services group

To maximize our extensive expertise and collective capabilities as experienced financial services professionals in order to meet the diversified and changing needs of our customers, economies and societies.

  • Definition of CSR Initiatives
    CSR initiatives entail the practice of corporate activities that reflect an unwavering awareness toward the importance of Mizuho's social responsibilities and public mission as a global financial group, take into consideration the expectations of stakeholders, and thoroughly fulfill its responsibilities toward society, which provides the basis for its existence.
  • Basic Approach toward CSR Initiatives
    Recognizing that CSR initiatives help contribute to the sustainable development of society and provide the platform for creating and advancing corporate value, Mizuho has positioned CSR initiatives as a pillar of its corporate conduct.

In fiscal 2013, Mizuho strengthened the implementation of its initiatives, taking account of its business strategy.

Since 2005, Mizuho has been implementing policies related to medium– to long–term CSR initiative items. These have been environmental initiatives, corporate governance, and support for financial education, but, in recent years, it has become apparent that more so than before Mizuho is being required to contribute to the sustainable development of society through its business activities.

To respond to this change in the operating environment, in fiscal 2013, Mizuho added to these three items two additional points of initiative focus (namely: finance to support the real economy and finance to meet new expectations) and is implementing these in its main business. In addition, through the new CSR Committee (Business Policy Committee) established in MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC, the core companies of the Group, each company is considering and strengthening CSR initiatives that take account of their respective business strategies.

Highlights of Initiatives in Fiscal 2013

In our main business, we have seriously reconsidered that our social role as a financial institution is to provide a smooth flow of financing. Accordingly, we have strengthened our capabilities for meeting the funding needs of corporate customers appropriately for the growth stages of their development and worked to provide financial solutions that address a broad range of issues, including business and financial strategy. We are drawing on our expertise and know–how across the Group to develop and offer products and services that are expected of Mizuho as a comprehensive financial group for nurturing industries, supporting recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and addressing issues related to changes in society.

In addition, we are accelerating the evolution of our business model and have taken steps to further strengthen our group governance, and strengthen our crisis management capabilities. Also in June 2014, we made the transition to a Company with Committees to further strengthen governance and realize faster and nimbler corporate management.

Among these initiatives, progress was reported in the following areas in fiscal 2013.

  Reported on CSR Highlight (website)*
  • CSR initiatives through core business activities

<Points of Initiative Focus>

  • Finance to support the real economy
  • Finance to meet new expectations
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Corporate governance
  • Support for financial education
  • *Including some initiatives realized in fiscal 2014

Preparation of a New Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy

During fiscal 2014, we reviewed our Medium– to Long–Term CSR Initiative items. This was because, in view of the growing sophistication and diversity of expectations regarding the activities of corporations as well as the clarification of "social responsibilities of organizations" under ISO 26000, we felt it was necessary to indicate a broader range of initiatives for the CSR activities of the Group as a whole, including placing additional emphasis on initiatives that take account of business strategy.

Based on this awareness and taking full account of the points of initiative focus established in fiscal 2013 and various requirements as typified by ISO 26000, we prepared a new Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy, comprising the following initiatives: "strengthening efforts to promote businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of society," "reinforcing the Group's foundations that underpin activities in line with society's expectations," "promoting social contributions activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society."

Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy

Preparation of the Fiscal 2014 CSR Initiative Policy Linked to the Medium–Term Business Plan

In fiscal 2014, we looked 10 years ahead, and taking account of the Medium–Term Business Plan, which was formulated based on a group strategy of aiming for the "new frontier" of finance and our awareness of the external environment, we prepared a policy for eight initiatives that we are implementing now.


Implementing Initiatives to Realize the "New Frontier" of Finance over the Coming 10 Years

From a more medium– to long—term perspective of 10 years, we will aim to contribute to revitalization and the sustainable growth as well as the development of the Japanese economy in tandem with the other economies of Asia. To this end, in April 2013, we have newly formed four project teams, namely: "next–generation retail banking," "next–generation industry development," "next–generation Asia–related business," and "invigoration of domestic financial assets," thus, implementing consideration and initiatives for the realization of the "new frontier" of finance.

Overview of Four Project Teams
Four Project Teams Summaries
Next–generation retail banking Under the assumption that the retail banking business will undergo change along with developments in the external environment, the project team will pursue the creation of a business model that goes beyond extrapolations from current business activities and trends.
In April 2014, Mizuho created an Incubation Department with the objective of working with the project team to create new businesses flexibly in response to changes in the domestic and international environments.
Next–generation industry development Because of changes in the industrial structure, this project team will endeavor to contribute to Mizuho's growth strategy by nurturing "new industries that will be necessary" and "industries that have growth potential," with a view especially to restoring and revitalizing the Japanese economy.
Next–generation Asia–related business To respond to the strong demand for funds that will be needed along with the high growth and increases in infrastructure investments in Asia, Mizuho will create and build new businesses in Asia by drawing on the know–how regarding financial markets and financial services it has accumulated in Japan.
Invigoration of domestic financial assets With an eye to rejuvenating the power of the JPY 1,600 trillion in financial assets in Japan, this project team will consider such themes as how to encourage the transition, especially among worker households, "from savings to long–term, tax–exempt investments," the creation of frameworks for transferring the wealth of senior citizens to working–age people, and creating broader options for pension management. These themes will be considered from perspectives that will include "marketing channels," "consulting services," and "financial products."

Mizuho will work steadily to fulfill its mission as a financial institution and its role as a part of the social infrastructure. Also, from a medium– to long–term perspective, Mizuho will continue its initiatives to realize a "new frontier" of finance and thereby work to continue to create lasting value in any era that may come. Mizuho will also endeavor to realize "bringing fruitfulness" to its customers, to the economy, and to society as it continues to develop and increase its corporate value.