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Community Contribution Activities

Fiftieth Anniversary of Offering Yellow Badges

Mizuho presents first graders nationwide with Yellow Badges with the earnest hope that they will not meet with traffic accidents and commute to school safely every day. These Yellow Badges signify traffic accident insurance coverage and are given out each year. These activities began as a traffic safety movement as a result of the publication of a newspaper article relating how a mother who had lost a child in a traffic accident sent a letter in 1965 to the Prime Minister appealing for the elimination of traffic accidents. This Yellow Badge movement has now marked its 50th year, and the total number of badges distributed has climbed to 61.11 million.

(Other companies participating in the Yellow Badge movement are Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, and The Dai–ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited.)


Traffic safety class in progress

"Mizuho Volunteer Day" Held at Offices in Japan and Overseas

As an integral member of the communities it serves, Mizuho believes it is important to contribute to the community in many ways. With this idea in mind, the Group as a whole collaborates with regional governments and their organizations, NPOs, and others to conduct activities that contribute to the community.

As part of these activities, since fiscal 2006, a period has been designated each year for "Mizuho Volunteer Day," and group management and staff join together in activities that are closely linked with the local communities and societies. The eighth of these events was held in fiscal 2013, and during the period set aside, from August through November, employees and their families at a total of 62 offices in Japan and overseas, numbering about 4,100 persons, conducted various activities closely linked with the community. These included cleanup campaigns, tree planting, participation in events sponsored by local governments, and welfare activities on behalf of senior citizens.


Activities under way at offices in Japan


Activities under way at overseas offices

Contributing to the Development of Human Resources in Asia through Special Fund

In Asia, there are many children who cannot receive sufficient education due to poverty or other reasons; therefore, continuing support for education is necessary. For this reason, Mizuho established the Charitable Trust Mizuho Asian Fund (hereinafter, the fund) in 1998 with the objective of contributing to the development of human resources that will lead the development of the Asian region in the years to come. The fund engages in a wide range of activities.

The Bangkok Office of MHBK provides scholarships each year to students of four universities in Thailand through the fund. (From 1999 through 2013, scholarships were provided to a total of 860 students.) Other activities include providing elementary school textbooks and sports gear. (From 1999 through 2013, donations of such items were made to 471 schools. From 2002 onward, each year "Mizuho Games" sports events have been held with MHBK and operating support with the cooperation of education committees and elementary schools in the region.

These various activities have been highly evaluated in the local areas, and, at a meeting held by the education minister of Thailand with Mr. Akira Suehiro of the University of Tokyo, who is chairperson of the committee for the activities of the fund, a report on the activities over the past 15 years was presented and the Thai minister expressed his thanks.


"Mizuho Games 2013" in progress


Presentation of scholarships to Thai students

Voices of Employees

I found out about the scholarships provided by the Charitable Trust Mizuho Asian Fund at my university. My friends, who were already receiving scholarships, encouraged me to apply. The scholarship I received helped me very much not only in my life as a student, but it also provided the opportunity for me to work at MHBK. I am very grateful for Mizuho's support.

At present, I am working on accounts with Japanese–affiliated companies, and, with the kind support of my colleagues, I am learning a lot every day. These scholarships provide opportunities for Thai students to attend universities, and I believe they will assist Thailand in the years ahead. I hope strongly that Mizuho will be able to continue them going forward.


Patsuda Saechueng
Business Promotion No. 1,
Bangkok Branch, Mizuho Bank