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CSR Scope and Reference Guidelines

In this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section of its website, Mizuho is endeavoring to deepen its communication with stakeholders by reporting on the results of activities in accordance with its approach toward CSR as well as related policies and plans. In an effort to further promote CSR activities, Mizuho is disclosing information on its CSR activities in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Mizuho issued an Integrated Report, which effectively combines the content of its CSR Report and Annual Review effective from fiscal 2015. In preparing this Integrated Report, Mizuho referred to the guidelines set out under the International Integration Reporting Framework.

CSR Scope

Unless otherwise stated, this CSR section of Mizuho's website covers 10 companies referred to as "the Group" or "Mizuho" below.


  • "The Group" or "Mizuho"
    Mizuho Financial Group and its 9 core group companies: Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, Trust & Custody Services Bank, Asset Management One, Mizuho Research Institute, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Mizuho Private Wealth Management, and Mizuho Americas.
  • Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG)
    Refers to Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. on a non–consolidated basis.

Reference Guidelines