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CSR scope and guidelines

CSR scope

Unless otherwise stated, this Corporate Responsibility section of Mizuho's website covers 10 companies referred to as "the group" or "Mizuho" below.


  • "The group" or "Mizuho"
    Mizuho Financial Group and its 8 core group companies: Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, Mizuho Research Institute, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Asset Management One, Mizuho Private Wealth Management, and Mizuho Americas*.
  • Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG)
    Refers to the holding company, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. on a non–consolidated basis.
    • *There was a change to the corporate management structure in line with the establishment of JTC Holdings in October 2018, and therefore results for fiscal 2018 and onward are for the eight companies listed above. However, results up to and including fiscal 2017 are for nine companies, including Trust & Custody Services Bank.

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