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Organizational Framework

Sustainability Promotion Structure

At Mizuho, the holding company Mizuho Financial Group promotes integrated Sustainability initiatives undertaken by Group. This specifically involves proposing the key sustainability areas (materiality) determined within its medium–term management and business plans for Group companies as well as providing guidance necessary for promoting initiatives suitable for each Group company. Moreover, Group Companies will formulate medium-term management and business plans based on the key sustainability areas (materiality) and shall report the status of their Sustainability initiatives. Mizuho Financial Group takes appropriate action when necessary based on reports received from Group companies.

Sustainability Promotion Structure
  • * Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, Mizuho Research Institute, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Asset Management One, Mizuho Private Wealth Management, and Mizuho Americas.

Board of Directors : Resolve the basic matters relating to the Company Group's Sustainability

President & Group CEO : Oversees MHFG's Sustainability initiatives.

Group CSO : In charge of items relating to the planning and administration of Sustainability initiatives, and as necessary shall report to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Executive Management Committee, and the President & CEO on the status of the Sustainability initiatives, etc.

Strategic Planning Department : Collect information on Sustainability, disseminate information to the Core Group Companies, disclose information on initiatives to audiences inside and outside of the Company Group, communicate with stakeholders, plan and promote initiatives, and give advice to the relevant departments

When undertaking Sustainability initiatives, values dialogues with stakeholders and to ensure that the Company Group's Sustainability initiatives are in accordance with the common sense and expectations of society and, besides relations with stakeholders in connection with day–to–day business operations, additional dialog with stakeholders and other initiatives are taken to enable the continual receipt of feedback from outside the Group as a means of facilitating efforts to improve Sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability Promotion Measures

Mizuho is taking steps to promote understanding of and popularize Sustainability groupwide by offering training programs, award programs, in–house communication tools, study sessions, lectures, and other learning opportunities across group companies and divisions. Moreover, as part of efforts to formulate policies/plans and pursue initiatives related to Sustainability as well as prepare Mizuho's Integrated Report, the Strategic Planning Department shares information with and makes proposals to concerned parties and exchanges opinions regarding Sustainability approaches, external conditions, and awareness of issues.

Study sessions and lectures
Date Themes Participants
January 2017
  • Long–term changes in environment for corporations and the trend toward integrated disclosure of financial and nonfinancial information
May 2017
  • The trend toward ESG investments and the importance of ESG disclosure
June 2017
  • Business and human rights in the financial sector
September 2017
  • SDGs and corporate business opportunities
  • Leadership for addressing social issues
November 2017
  • Business and human rights "What is expected from financial sector"
  • LGBT rights measures and diversity management in business
January 2019
  • 1st ESG business networking
February 2019 615
March 2019
  • 2nd ESG business networking