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Our Approach

At the Mizuho Financial Group, "Mizuho's Corporate Identity" has been formulated as the concept that forms the basis of all activities conducted as Mizuho. "The Mizuho Code of Conduct" is positioned as the ethical rule to be complied with in implementing "Mizuho's Corporate Identity," and serves as the foothold for the various decisions that will be made on business administration and operation.

The Mizuho Financial Group promotes CSR initiatives with each and every executive and employee acting daily with a strong awareness of their social responsibilities and public mission while working to realize the Group's vison. Mizuho is clarifying its fundamental approach to and definition of CSR initiatives along with its medium– and long–term policies in accordance with basic policies on CSR initiatives and as part of its efforts to promote integrated group–wide initiatives. In addition, group companies formulate and implement CSR plans each year that reflect their business characteristics based on the Group's more–detailed policies on CSR initiatives.

Basic Approach toward CSR Initiatives

Mizuho defines its CSR initiatives as follows. CSR initiatives entail the practice of corporate activities that reflect an unwavering awareness toward the importance of Mizuho's social responsibilities and public mission as a global financial group, take into consideration the expectations of stakeholders, and thoroughly fulfill its responsibilities toward society, which provide the basis for its existence.

In addition, recognizing that CSR initiatives help contribute to the sustainable development of society and provide the platform for creating and advancing corporate value, Mizuho has positioned CSR initiatives as a pillar of its corporate conduct.

To ensure that our CSR initiatives are in accordance with the common sense and expectations of society, Mizuho values dialogue with stakeholders.

Corporate Identity and Code of Conduct

This section explains Mizuho's Corporate Identity and the Mizuho Code of Conduct.

Medium– to Long–term CSR Policy

This section explains Mizuho's Medium– and Long–Term Initiative Policy of CSR and process to formulate policy.

Annual Policy, Targets and Results

This section explains Mizuho's fiscal CSR initiative policy, plan, targets, and results.

Organizational Framework

This section covers Mizuho's CSR promotion structure.

International Agreements

This section describes domestic and international initiatives Mizuho participates in.