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Fiscal 2015 Group CSR Initiative Policy and Results

In preparing the fiscal 2015 Group CSR Initiative Policy, we took account of results in fiscal 2014, the expectations of society, and Mizuho's corporate strategy. As a result, we added revitalization of the community and other initiatives in our Core Business.

Among our Foundation's initiatives, we also added the newly introduced risk appetite framework (RAF) and activities to promote diversity of human resources, while taking account of progress.

In fiscal 2015, in view of Mizuho's reason for being and its social mission, we gave priority to the following eight initiatives based on our medium–to long–term initiatives policy and made progress toward implementation. Please click the links below to view main results.

  Fiscal 2015 Priority Initiatives Main Results
Core Business Promote a multifaceted range of initiatives that take account of Mizuho's reason for being in society and structural changes.
(Nurture next–generation industries in the fields of the environment, greying of society, agriculture, etc., support innovation, and reform channels.)
Take initiatives to revitalize financial assets in Japan, etc., and offer products and services that take into account issues such as less children and aging society.
Implement continuing, multifaceted initiatives to revitalize communities based on an accurate grasp of needs, such as those in areas stricken by disasters.
Foundations Promote initiatives to spread awareness of "Mizuho's Corporate Identity," etc., promote action based on the Mizuho Values.
In view of the rising level of social requirements, further increase the sophistication of compliance management and risk management. Also, structuring a governance system based on RAF.
Promote activities favorable to human resource diversity and nurture human resources.
Social Contributions Continue to promote financial education initiatives.
Promote activities that take account of community and social needs.