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Fiscal 2014 Group CSR Initiative Policy and Results

In fiscal 2014, the Mizuho Financial Group (the Group) gave priority to promoting the eight initiatives specified in our Fiscal Year Group CSR Initiative Policy and made steady progress toward implementation.

  Fiscal 2014 Priority Initiatives Results
Core Business Promote multilateral initiatives that take into consideration social significance and changes in structures (foster next–generation industries across a wide range of fields, including the environment, elderly, and agriculture; support innovation; pursue channel innovation; and reinvigorate financial assets in Japan) Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities
Promote continuous and multilateral efforts to provide assistance to disaster–stricken areas based on an accurate understanding of needs
Upgrade and expand products and services that address the needs of an aging society
Foundations Promote activities that help increase awareness toward Mizuho's Corporate Identity "Growth–Oriented" Governance Reform Measures
Upgrade governance and strengthen both risk and compliance management systems based on the increasingly high–level demands of society and other factors
Create a rewarding workplace environment and bolster human resource development
Social Contributions Promote ongoing financial education initiatives
Promote activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society