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1,000km Relay to Tokyo 2016

1,000km Relay to Tokyo 2016

As part of its initiatives to support recovery efforts in earthquake–stricken areas, Mizuho is a co–sponsor of the 1,000km running and bicycle relay “1000km Relay to Tokyo 2016” which is held in the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Participants in the relay are organized into teams and each runner/cyclist wears a sash, and, when completing his/her portion of the relay, hands the sash to the next participant on the team. The aim of the event is to draw attention to the status of recovery efforts and prevent any lingering memories of the devastating earthquake from having an adverse impact on the reputation of the region. Participants, who assemble from all over Japan, aim to building closer ties with the region.

The relay began at the Aomori prefectural government's office on July 24, and about 1100 persons participated (about 1,000 runners and about 100 cyclists). The participants reached the goal of Tokyo's Ueno Onshi Park* on August 7.

  • *Park donated by the Emperor
  • *Open a new browser window after you click "Click here for photos".


Aomori area Sendai area Fukushima area Iwaki area Ueno area
Date Race Course Branch responsible
Jul 24 Aomori prefectural government's office to Aomori public primary school MHBK Aomori branch
Jul 30 Tsutsujigaoka Park to Miyagi prefectural government's office MHBK Sendai branch
Aug 1 Fukushima Municipal office to Fukushima prefectural government's office MHBK Fukushima branch
Aug 3 Iwaki Joint Work Training Center to Iwaki Municipal office MHBK Iwaki branch
Aug 7 Ueno Onshi Park In front of statue of Saigo Takamori) to Ueno Onshi Park (In front of the Ueno Park's Big Fountain) MHFG