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Social Contributions

Mizuho believes that, through its social contribution initiatives as "a good corporate citizen", it contributes to the sustainable development of society and, thereby, works to realize the vision of Mizuho's Corporate Identity and build the base for creating its corporate value and developing its activities. Based on this awareness, to ensure that Mizuho undertakes its social contribution initiatives uniformly, it has issued Policies for Social Contribution Initiatives.

Policies for Social Contribution Initiatives

  • Mizuho harmonizes its own profit–making activities with initiatives that benefit society, and, as "a good corporate citizen" striving to support society and develop together with society, Mizuho fulfills its responsibilities for contributing to society.
  • Mizuho believes that, through its social contribution initiatives, it contributes to the sustainable development of society and, thereby, works to realize the vision of Mizuho's Corporate Identity and build the foundation for creating its corporate value and its development.
  • Mizuho believes the social contribution initiatives of Mizuho employees contribute to employee growth and development of a sense of being members of society. Accordingly, Mizuho actively supports these initiatives.
  • Mizuho proactively discloses information regarding our corporate stance toward social contribution initiatives and our actual activities. In addition, Mizuho will continue to improve these initiatives, by encouraging close communication with society through dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that our corporate activities conform to social standards and expectations.

Specific Initiatives

Scope of Initiatives

  1. Social Welfare
  2. Education, Research, International Exchanges
  3. Arts and Culture
  4. Health and Sports
  5. Environment
  6. Humanitarian Activities
  7. Revitalization of Local Communities and Creating a Safe Society

Method of Conducting Initiatives

Method of Conducting Initiatives Page Reference
Charitable Activities
Social Investment
Support through Providing Products and Services
  • "Mizuho Eco–Assist" environmentally conscious financing products
Support for Volunteer Activities of Officers and Employees
  • The Mizuho Charity Fund

Priority Initiatives

  1. Initiatives that take full advantage of our management resources and promote initiatives that contribute to regional and social development
  2. Initiatives in collaboration and cooperation with regional societies that form the foundation for the activities of the Group as well as government organizations, NPOs, regional communities, and others

Standards for Determining Implementation

Initiatives are undertaken based on the comprehensive consideration of the following viewpoints:

  1. Public Interest
  2. Continuity
  3. Originality
  4. Effectiveness

Results of Social Contribution Initiatives

Corporate Citizenship Outlays (FY2016)
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Safety Yellow Badges

Information on Safety Yellow Badges

Coming–of–Age Day Concert

Information on Coming–of–Age Day Concert

Donations and Sponsorships

Information on activities that involve donations and support for events based on Mizuho's Operating Standard

Giving Back to Communities

Information on community contributions and volunteer activities by employees

Foundations and Funds

Introduces activities and programs conducted by Mizuho's philanthropic foundations.