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Foundations and Funds

Foundations List

Foundation Name Principal Activities Actual Support and Assistance*
Support for elementary and secondary education (in remote areas and for special education) as well as social welfare projects for the elderly (gifts of athletic equipment and books, donations of vehicles, project support, support for R&D, etc.) JPY858.99 million
Support for welfare (project support, support for R&D), payments, and donations (Donations of welfare vehicles, electric–powered wheelchairs) for children with disabilities JPY849.82 million
Scholarship support for foreign students in and outside Japan (university students) 199 persons
JPY464.86 million
Support fund for the academic research of the younger generations JPY361.25 million
Financial support for university students who find it difficult to continue their education for economic reasons 232 persons
JPY367.25 million
Charitable grants for nonprofits' programs to support underserved communities; grants for employee volunteer activities; matching gift program. USD8,611,000
Support for nurturing young people to enable them to be active in China's financial industry CNY600,000
Support in the basic education field in China 2,400 persons
CNY12.0 million
Scholarship support for university students located in Hong Kong 94 persons
Fund for supporting education, medical care, and welfare NTD6,384,024
Public charitable trust with the objective of contributing to education of local human resources who will contribute to putting the social infrastructure in order in Southeast Asia (Offers scholarship aid, donations of teaching materials to primary schools, and offers recreation opportunities) NTD1,088,900
  • *Note: In fiscal 2002 and after, figures are the accumulated totals.
    (However, accumulated totals for the Mizuho USA Foundation began in fiscal 2003, those for the Charitable Trust Mizuho Asian Fund began in fiscal 2001, and those for Mizuho Incentive Funds (China) began in fiscal 2006.)

Mizuho Education Welfare Foundation

The Mizuho Education Welfare Foundation provides grants for elementary and secondary education, as well as for social welfare businesses. In the education field, the Foundation donates sports equipment and children's books for education in remote areas. The Foundation also provides support for interchange activities among schools of differing sizes and environmental circumstances in differing regions. For children and students with disabilities, the Foundation provides assistance in the special education area. In the social welfare field, regarding mainly such activities on behalf of senior citizens, the Foundation provides grants to voluntary organizations, uses grants to support activities that involve preventive care and the promotion of health, and donates funds to groups that provide food to older persons.

Mizuho Welfare Foundation

The Mizuho Welfare Foundation provides assistance, grants, and other forms of help to welfare facilities that are working to improve the welfare of disabled people as well as assistance for research related to welfare provided for disabled people. It also runs donation programs to help people with disabilities extend their range of activities and become more involved in society. Money is also provided to translate textbooks and other materials into Japanese braille to support the educational pursuits of visually impaired university students.

Mizuho International Foundation

Awarded scholarships and aid to foreign university students in Japan and for Japanese students in foreign universities and supported the development of individuals who will be leaders in international relations to promote mutual understanding between Japan and countries worldwide and contribute to international friendship and goodwill.

Mizuho Foundation for the Promotion of the Sciences

The Mizuho Foundation for the Promotion of the Sciences provides grants for high–quality research in the field of engineering to provide encouragement and support for the young people who hold Japan's future in their hands. It also runs essay competitions on themes relating to law and economics, and the winners receive study grants.

Mizuho Scholarship Foundation

The Mizuho Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship loans for university students and others who would otherwise be unable to continue their studies for economic reasons. In addition to an annual gathering for scholarship students, graduates, and university officials, every two months, students in Tokyo attend individual interviews to report their progress and receive advice on various matters. The Foundation aims to give many talented people an opportunity to see the world through these support activities.

Mizuho USA Foundation

The mission of the Mizuho USA Foundation is to provide grants to support community development initiatives that contribute to the strength and vitality of urban neighborhoods. Grants are given to nonprofit charitable organizations to support innovative programs addressing critical needs such as affordable housing, economic development, and workforce development. In addition, the Foundation supports employees' community involvement in the United States through two small grants programs:

  • Mizuho Matching Gifts Program
    A program through which the Mizuho USA Foundation contributes an amount matching employees' eligible donations to charitable organizations
  • Community Involvement Program
    A program that provides grants to nonprofit organizations with which Mizuho Bank offices in the United States organize volunteer projects

2016 Highlights

  • Program Grants
    Mizuho provided a total of USD365,000 to nine programs of nonprofit organizations in New York, including those providing support for the homeless, job training, and housing.
  • Mizuho Matching Gifts Program
    The Foundation provided USD129,400 in gifts matching our employees' donations to charitable organizations in the United States.
  • Community Involvement Program
    The Foundation contributed a total of USD56,000 to 15 organizations with which our employees perform volunteer work in the United States.

Visit the Mizuho USA Foundation website for the guidelines of the Mizuho USA Foundation.

Mizuho Foundation (University of International Business and Economics (China))

A fund to support the education of young students who plan to work in China's financial industry. This fund was founded in 1995 in cooperation with the China Financial University (now, University of International Business and Economics). The resources of this fund are used to hold seminars on finance and economics.

Mizuho Incentive Funds (China)

To support basic education in China, Mizuho Bank established the Mizuho Incentive Fund in fiscal 2006 for three schools: the junior high schools affiliated with Renmin University of China, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.

FY2016 Initiatives

  • Provided grants–in–aid worth a total of CNY 1.2 million to 246 people (30 teachers, 216 students)

Mizuho & Wing Hang Bank Scholarship and Charity Funds (Hong Kong)

A fund to provide scholarships to university students in Hong Kong

Mizuho Aishin Charity Fund (Taiwan)

A fund to primarily provide support in the areas of education, medicine, and social welfare

FY2016 Initiatives

  • Donated NTD 300,000 (approx. JPY 1,100,000 ) to the Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • Received recognition from the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) for contributing to the development of human resources in Taiwan

Charitable Trust Mizuho Asian Fund

A charitable trust that supports the healthy development of local human resources who will assume the role of improving the social infrastructure in Southeast Asian countries


  • Scholarships for students
  • Donation of teaching materials to elementary schools in the northeastern area of Thailand
  • Providing opportunities for recreation, such as soccer and volleyball

FY2016 Initiatives

  • Awarded scholarships to 81 students at Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Kasetsart University, and Burapha University
  • Donated educational materials to 30 elementary schools in northeastern Thailand
  • Hosted two Mizuho Games recreational events, including soccer, volleyball, and other sports competitions