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Delivering Yellow Badges

Delivering Yellow Badges to First–Graders Nationwide

With the intent of ensuring daily safe commutes for schoolchildren, we present Yellow Badges linked to traffic accident insurance to the first graders nationwide.

This project began in 1965 motivated by a letter in a newspaper. The letter, which was written by a mother whose child was killed in a traffic accident, was addressed to Prime Minister at that time, hoping for the eradication of traffic accidents.

By the 49th campaign in 2013, accumulative total of 59.99 million badges had been delivered and a growing number of families now have two generations of badge wearers.

(in cooperation with Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company and The Dai–ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited)

Photo: Yellow Badge

Yellow Badge

Photo: The 49th PR Poster

The 49th PR Poster

The history of the Delivering Yellow Badges

1965 The Delivering Yellow Badges began with a letter written by a mother whose child was killed in a traffic accident.
1968 Attached traffic accident insurance coverage to badges.

Photo: An arm band

An arm band

Design changed from an arm band to a badge.

Jan, 2010

Mizuho was presented the letter of appreciation by Japan Traffic Safety Association on January 19, 2010, for the long time contribution to the enlightenment of traffic safety and the prevention of traffic accidents for new first–graders through "Delivering Yellow Badges project".

Photo: The award ceremony

The award ceremony

Presentation Ceremony

Mizuho held presentation ceremonies at about 90 locations in Japan from February to April, 2013. After the presentation ceremony in Tokyo, traffic safety classes were held where children representative of new–students learned how to use a crosswalk with the Metropolitan Police Department Mounted Police and campaign mascot Pipo–kun.

Photo: Traffic safety classroom

Traffic safety classroom

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