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Improving Customer and Employee Experiences

Consultation Systems and Grievance Resolution

Customer Feedback

Mizuho has established a wide range of consultation systems that allow customers to comment on the group's activities, products, and services, and to submit their concerns. In addition to comment cards placed at each branch, customers can voice their opinions through call centers, designated telephone lines, and via our website. Every effort is being made to provide a customer feedback structure that is easy to access.

Employee Consultation Systems

To address internal issues, Mizuho has established a number of consultation systems including a regulatory compliance hotline, human rights helpline, and an employee consultation office. We are making every effort to provide a system that maintains impartiality while protecting the rights of employees when addressing concerns or responding to complaints.

Other Initiatives to Improve Customer and Employee Experiences

Promoting Accessibility

Mizuho continues to engage in accessibility initiatives based on the "barrier–free" concept and universal design. Our work to improve accessibility takes a threefold approach: facilities–related initiatives covering branches, facilities, and equipment; service–related initiatives covering customer forms and documents as well as online content; and interpersonal initiatives involving education and training to improve customer relations skills.

Improving Accessibility

Since 2010, Mizuho Bank has offered support to clients wishing to incorporate accessibility and universal design principles into their businesses through our "Mizuho Heartful Business" project.

Creating Fulfilling Workplaces

We will continue to strive to create better workplaces, with a corporate culture that respects our diverse workforce, and where every employee is able to carry out their duties with pride and confidence.