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Human Rights Due Diligence

Taking into Consideration the Effect on Human Rights at the Time of New Product and Service Development

Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking and Mizuho Securities take steps to assess the impact of new activities and products on human rights. In the event that an issue is identified as a result of this assessment, a system has been put in place to prevent the undertaking of a new activity or release of a new product until all appropriate action to address the issue has been completed. In addition, for existing products and services, those companies have established a system that periodically examines these on the light of established criteria from the point of view of human rights.

Initiatives for Responsible Investment and Financing

MHBK is the first Japanese–based bank to employ the "Equator Principles", a common framework for financial institutions to confirm that large–scale infrastructure or industrial projects take environmental and social risk impacts into consideration. In accordance with processes stipulated under the Equator Principles, all appropriate steps are taken to confirm that the rights of residents living in areas in which a project is to be conducted have been taken into consideration. In addition, a policy to avoid providing credit that funds the production of cluster munitions has been defined with efforts made to establish appropriate procedures.

Procedures to Oversee Advertising and Promotional Materials

MHBK, MHTB and MHSC check external advertising, promotional materials and in–house corporate communication magazine to ensure that there are no issues and that the information disclosed does not negatively impact human rights. In the event that an issue is uncovered, the office oversees and confirms that all appropriate remedial action has been taken.