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Events and Publications

Mizuho is distributing environmental information through various events, lectures, seminars, etc.

Environmental Events

The Environmental Art Contest

Mizuho cosponsors the All–Japan Elementary and Junior High School Students' Environmental Art Contest. This contest is held annually to provide elementary and junior high school students with the opportunity to address the importance of nature and the development of towns where we can live comfortably.

List of Seminars and Lectures

List of Seminars and Lectures Delivered and Participated on the Environment (FY2015)

Mizuho Bank (MHBK)
Date Names of Seminars and Lectures
Feb 27, 2016 Chiba University of Commerce open symposium entitled "Building a Sustainable Society and Environmental/Social Consciousness: The Role of the Japanese Financial Industry"
Nov 3, 2015 Carbon Trust, SIRIM Berhad joint seminar "Seminar on Product Carbon Labels: Opportunities for Policy Makers & Financial Institutions in a Low Carbon Economy" (Held in Kuala Lumpur)
Sep 22, 2015 Seminar sponsored by Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) "Sustainable Finance–Environmental and Social Risk"
Jul 31, 2015 Seminar sponsored by the Water Resources Center, "Current Status and Issues of International Rules Regarding Biodiversity"
May 26, 2015 Seminar sponsored by PwC, "Generating Earnings Competitively and Sustainably from Environmental Finance" (In Taipei)
Mizuho Information & Research Institute (MHIR)
Date Names of Seminars and Lectures
Jan, Feb, Mar 2016, Oct, Nov, Dec 2015 The chemSHERPA introductory seminar was held (in Beijing, Kyoto, Tokyo, Tochigi, Shizuoka, Okayama, Kanazawa, Sendai Hokkaido, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya).
Feb 2016 Seminar on usage of industrial waste emitted from the supply chain (Osaka, Tokyo)
Jan, Feb 2016 Risk Assessment Introductory Seminar (Okayama, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai)
Jan, Feb 2016 Chemical substances seminar (Kinki, Tokyo, Chubu, Kyushu, Tohoku)
Study meeting on GHG solutions
Meeting 74: "Results of COP21 and Outlook: Content and Significance of the Historically Significant Paris Agreement"
Meeting 73: "COP21 and Trends in Energy/Climate Change Policies in North America with a View to the U.S, Presidential Election"
Aug, Oct, Nov 2015, Feb 2016 Meeting 72: "Introduction and Practical Responses Related to the Revisions in ISO 154001: 2015"
Meeting 71: "Overall View of Japan's Energy and Climate Change Policy and Issues Going Forward"
Feb 18, 2016 Workshop: "Recent Trends in Elucidating the Environmental Burden Using the LCA Method and Looking to Future Initiatives: European Environmental Footprint and International Cooperation in LCA Databases"
Jan 26, 2016 "CCS International Symposium on Recovery and Storage of CO2 with a View to Structuring the Low–Carbon Society"
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov 2015, Jan 2016 Lecture for persons in charge: "Forms for Transmitting Information on Chemical Substance Content of Products"
May, Sep, Dec 2015 Policy Discussion on Chemical Substances and the Environment
Oct, Dec 2015 Meeting to Consider Status of the Law Concerning the Examination and Regulation of the Manufacture of Chemical Substances
Nov 5, 2015 Fiscal 2015 Nationwide Eco–Town Meeting
Aug, Sep 2015 Seminar on Calculating Volume of Supply Chain Emissions (Osaka, Tokyo)