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Internal campaigns

Environmental enlightenment for executives and employees: Environmental Campaign

Mizuho has conducted an Environmental Campaign for all the employees of the domestic Mizuho group with the aim of establishing a corporate culture to actively address environmentally friendly activities among employees and their family members.

In fiscal 2017, under the theme of measures against Climate Change saving electricity, Mizuho issued its Eco–Action Declaration to promote employee participation in familiar, everyday activities benefiting the environment.

We will continue similar enlightenment activities on an ongoing basis so that Mizuho's employees can take environment–friendly actions both at the office and at home.

Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration

Under Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration, employees pledge to be environmentally conscious in their everyday activities, and Mizuho undertakes to donate one tree seedling for every 20 employees participating in the Declaration.

In fiscal 2017, 12,656 employees pledged participation in activities regarding measures against Climate Change through the Declaration, and Mizuho donated 632 seedlings in total to greenery promotion areas including the Coastal forest restoration project* at the disaster–stricken areas in Natori city, Miyagi prefecture, and through group company branches to local schools and facilities.

  • *The ten–years project to support seedling farmers and their raising seedlings toward the coastal forest restoration in the tsunami disaster–hit area of Natori city, Miyagi prefecture.

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Implementation results of Mizuho Eco–Action Declaration
  Theme Declaration participants Seedlings donated
FY2017 Measures against Climate Change

Image: Leaflet of FY2017

12,656 632
FY2016 Measures against Climate Change

Image: Leaflet of FY2016

37,148 1,857
FY2015 Measures against Climate Change

Image: Leaflet of FY2015

54,556 2,728
FY2014 Measures against Climate Change

Image: Leaflet of FY2014

52,628 2,632
FY2013 Saving household electricity

Image: Leaflet of FY2013

52,756 2,638
FY2012 Saving office and household electricity

Image: Leaflet of FY2012

50,940 2,547
FY2011 Saving household electricity

Image: Leaflet of FY2011

36,480 1,824
FY2010 Protecting Biodiversity

Image: Leaflet of FY2010

28,490 1,424
FY2009 Environmental Initiatives in the Office

Image: Leaflet of FY2009

22,458 1,122
FY2008 Cutting Household CO2 Emissions

Image: Leaflet of FY2008

15,518 775

Volunteers for forestry activities

With the object of preventing global warming and helping preserve biodiversity, Mizuho implements forest creation activities by planting and thinning the forests.

Since fiscal 2007, Mizuho employees have also been taking part in Tokyo Greenship Action, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government forest management program for thinning trees and clearing underbrush to conserve and create forests.

Mizuho employees and their families volunteer their time for participation in forest conservation activities, including thinning forests and planting trees in the Ome Kaminariki Forest environment conservation area in Ome city, Tokyo.

Photo 1

Thinning trees Activities in Ome Kaminariki Forest environment conservation area, Ome city, Tokyo

Photo 2

Planting Activities in Umi–no–mori, Sea Forest project, Tokyo