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Mizuho has issued Policies for Environmental Initiatives and Environmental Objectives to ensure that it undertakes our environmental initiatives uniformly, consistently, and comprehensively within the framework of its CSR Promotion on a group–wide basis. These initiatives include achieving economic growth and environmental preservation simultaneously through its activities to promote environment–related businesses, to reduce the environmental burden of our activities, and to raise environmental consciousness.

Environmental Policies and Targets

An explanation is provided of the policies for environmental initiatives, the environmental targets and the approach to environmental risk and opportunities

Environmental Business Initiatives

An explanation is provided about the environmental businesses that Mizuho is conducting in three fields.

Reducing Environmental Burden

Initiatives for reducing the environmental burden, which the Mizuho Group as a whole has been concentrating on are:

Improving Environmental Awareness

Initiatives for improving environmental consciousness, which the Mizuho Group in all has been concentrating on.

Equator Principles

An explanation is provided of the Equator Principles, which were adopted to conduct responsible investments and financing with environmental considerations.

*Link to "Initiatives for Responsible Investment and Financing"


Mizuho's initiatives to protect and conserve biodiversity are explained.