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Environmental Business Initiatives

Promoting Environmental Friendliness in Society as a Whole through Our Business Activities

Four Environmental Business Areas

The Group believes it is important to promote environment–friendliness in society as a whole through the financial products and services it offers as part of its core business based on the knowledge and insight of a global financial group. From this perspective, individual group companies are developing businesses that contribute to the environment according to the nature of their own operations.

Broadly speaking, Mizuho's environmental businesses can be divided into three categories. The first is "Environmental Finance" to support funds to companies that will promote environment–friendliness and businesses that will contribute to a reduction in the environmental burden. The second is consulting, surveys and research using the rich experience and advanced knowledge of the Group, centered on the think tank MHIR, which has special strengths in the environmental field. The third is the development and sales of environment–friendly investment products. Looking ahead, we intend to engage in wide–ranging environmental business centered on these three sectors.

In addition, MHFG issues green bond to promote green finance.

Environmental Finance

We actively conduct financing for companies that will promote environment–friendliness and businesses that will contribute to a reduction in the environmental burden.

Consulting Services, Surveys and Research

We provide managerial advice and consulting related to environmental issues. In addition, we are taking initiatives to develop frameworks that promote social and environmental consciousness in Japan and overseas.

Investment Products Development and Sales

We develop and sell a lineup of financial products that incorporate environmental considerations.

Green Bond

We issue green bonds and allocate the net proceeds to the financing for Eligible Green Projects including renewable energy projects.

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Group Company Environmental Businesses
  Environmental Finance Consulting Services, Surveys and Research Investment Products Development and Sales
  • Provision of loan products that are environmentally conscious
  • Environmentally related project finance (solar thermal, solar power and wind power generation)
  • Environmental business matching
  • Intermediating emissions trading
  • Consulting on emission credit–related business (efforts to expand the scope of bilateral credit systems, etc.)
  • Lineup of SRI funds offered as investment products for defined contribution pension plans
  • Environmental risk surveys relating to real estate
  • Entrustment of investment trust Eco Funds
MHSC Provision of financing methods aimed at spreading the use of alternative energy sources  
  • Sales of SRI funds
Asset Management One    
  • Promotion of ESG Investment
  • Surveys and research relating to environmental issues, energy and the environment
  • Support for clarifying CO2 emissions using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method
  • Surveys, research and consulting relating to environmental issues, resources, energy and the environment
  • Support for disclosure of non–financial information
  • Business Promotion of the J–Credit Scheme (domestic credit system)