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Investment products

In recent years, environmental awareness has started to penetrate the mindset of nearly everyone, and there has been mounting demand for reducing environmental impact in daily consumption and investment activities. Based on this need, Mizuho develops and markets a diverse line of financial products that incorporate environmental considerations.

Sales, development and management of environment–related funds

When investments are made, there is growing interest not just in the outlook for profitability and growth but also in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) activities of investee companies.

At Asset Management One (the former Mizuho Investment Advisory and the former DIAM), its activities are under way to develop, arrange, and manage investment products that incorporate the ESG perspective, and environment–related funds as well.

For more information other than environment–related funds, please refer to the Other initiatives.

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Environment–related funds managed by Asset Management One (As of Mar 31, 2018)
Fund name (Nickname) Net asset balance
(Millions of JPY)
Features, etc.
Natural Environment Protection Fund (Oze Kiko [Oze Travel Journal]) 1,929 Sales companies & investment trust companies donate part of their income to The Oze Preservation Foundation.
Advanced Countries' Highly Rated Sovereign Open (Toki O–en Fund [Ibis Preservation Fund]) 640 Sales companies donate part of their income to the Ibis Preservation Fund in Niigata.