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Consulting on environmental management

Environmental awareness has been increasing among the general public around the world as many countries implement and strengthen environmental regulations. In view of these developments, soundness and effectiveness of environmental management is now a crucial factor that may affect corporate evaluation. Moreover, as businesses go global and the complexity of their activities increases, the scope of environmental management is no longer confined to the reporting company and its own operations but extends to include group subsidiaries and business partners in their supply chains.

Now that the environment–related and energy sector are seen as areas of growth in and outside Japan, improving the environmental performance of their products and services is a must for many companies.

In recent years, there has been a deepening trend for many investment funds and institutional investors, primarily in Europe and the United States, to place an emphasis on the standard of management of each company's environmental risks and opportunities as an indicator to determine a company's long–term sustainability and growth.

Responding to these changing circumstances, some cutting–edge companies actively disclose environmental risk information, publicize environmental performance of their products and services, and put forth their future–oriented environmental vision, in an effort to promote the potential and sustainability of their businesses.

Mainly through Mizuho Information & Research Institute whose strengths are in the environmental field, Mizuho provides a range of solutions to help companies put environmental management into practice from providing relevant information to consulting services.

Overall outline of approaches to the formulation of an environmental vision and planning for environmental management

Principal environmental management consulting project of Mizuho Information & Research Institute

Services provided by Mizuho Information & Research Institute include support for preparation of environmental visions (longer–term plans), medium–term plans, and strategies, consulting related to climate change, preparation of corporate strategies, support for CSR and environmental communication (disclosure), support for responding to Scope 3 requirements, and support for increasing the clarity of LCA and CO2, and consulting related to management of chemical substances and environmental risks, etc.

Environmental business matching


Mizuho Bank has been engaged in business matching (introducing customers to each other) with the theme of environmental and energy measures.

By making full use of the collaborations with equipment manufacturers and service providers in the field of environment, Mizuho Bank offer effective solutions to customers who are considering environmental measures such as energy conservation, CO2 reduction, etc.

In addition, Mizuho undertakes business matching initiatives related to themes that attract the attention of society.

These include introduction of renewable energy equipment powered by solar power generation, small–scale wind power generation and review of electric power contracts accompanying the liberalization of retail power supply regulations.