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Research and Consulting Services

In the area of environmental issues, Mizuho has developed channels with specialist institutions at home and overseas, and works to gather expert knowledge and the latest information. Making the most of this plentiful accumulated knowledge, it offers companies management advice and consulting on environmental problems.

MHIR has long been involved in contract research and consulting related to the environment and energy in partnership with government agencies, related research institutes and cutting–edge environmental companies. The company has compiled an extensive track record and a wealth of expertise and information in various areas, including environment and energy technology evaluation and CO2 emissions clarification. Leveraging this experience, MHIR helps customers deal with issues related to the environment and develop corporate and business strategies that take the environment into account. In addition, drawing on its network and expertise, Mizuho is working to create frameworks that will promote environmental consciousness.

Number of consulting services, survey and research projects implemented
  Company FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Environmental management MHRI, MHIR 75 70 62
Global warming MHRI, MHIR 54 65 58
Energy MHBK, MHRI, MHIR 70 79 68
Chemical substances, recycling–based society, etc. MHBK, MHRI, MHIR 50 46 61
Publication of other reports, etc. MHRI, MHIR 11 26 17
Advisory Services on ESG risks MHIR 15 27