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Talent development

At Mizuho, we work diligently to build a talent portfolio that balances the career ambitions of each and every employee with the number and type of personnel required to realize the strategies of each business field. Our talent development process is conducted strategically on a global, group–wide basis in accordance with each employee's stage of career development.

Talent development framework

Our HR Vision reflects our belief that the personal development of individual employees contributes to the stable and sustainable growth of Mizuho as a whole. In line with this belief, we provide employees with opportunities to leverage their strengths and develop their skills. We also support each employee in designing their own career. In addition, we are pursuing various initiatives to increase understanding and awareness of our Corporate Identity and to foster a shared corporate culture group–wide.

In an effort to promote greater diversity and inclusion and to create a workplace that encourages employees from diverse backgrounds to grow and excel, we are upgrading and expanding our training programs to accelerate the pace at which non–Japanese and female employees are appointed to management positions. At the same time, we offer an online education portal, Mizuho e–Campus, which employees can access freely from outside the office. Through these and other means, we are bolstering the various self–development opportunities available to employees.


  • *"Second career" refers to Mizuho group employees who are re–hired by the group after their mandatory retirement (aged approx. 50–55). Please note this applies only to Japan.

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Management training program

At Mizuho, we are striving to create a supportive work environment in which every employee can participate fully while developing their skills. As part of this, we are enhancing management capabilities within the organization. Our management training program gives new managers support at the start of their management careers and more experienced managers opportunities to update their skills. The goal of the program is to ensure that managers understand their roles, acquire essential knowledge and skills, and succeed in producing consistent results with their teams.

Leader development initiatives

Mizuho offers a range of learning opportunities to encourage development of leaders in our organization. For example, we hold leadership training programs for managers at each stage of their career. Through these programs, managers gain an understanding of themselves as core talent shaping Mizuho's future. Further, we have an industry exchange program through which select employees can enroll in business programs at universities or other educational institutions in order to enhance their leadership skills and expertise.

The objective of these programs is to transform mindsets and behaviors. This includes deepening participants' understanding of the ways in which cultivating an inclusive work environment leads to innovation, successful strategies, and other positive outcomes. Participants consider the actions leaders can take to recognize unconscious bias and better enable each individual to utilize their unique qualities and strengths.

Global talent development

We are committed to developing our global talent. Our study abroad program allows employees to apply to an MBA or LL.M. (Master of Laws) course at a graduate school outside Japan, and our international assignment training program allows employees to work at an office outside Japan for a set period of time. These programs provide employees with opportunities to extend their networks, acquire wide-ranging knowledge and international outlooks, and develop broader perspectives and mindsets toward becoming more innovative. Separately, we also offer subsidies to support language acquisition as well.

Career design programs

We are supporting our employees in planning their careers in line with the multiple career options available within Mizuho and with their own particular roles. At the end of their first year at Mizuho, employees attend a group–wide training program to consider their future career goals. Employees in their 40s can also participate in a career design support program to focus on their own career development.

Group–wide orientation for new hires

Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, and Mizuho Research Institute hold a program for new hires who have just joined Mizuho to give them a sense of being part of a unified group and to assist them in their transition to their new careers.


Mizuho College, Mizuho Knowledge Forum, and correspondence courses

We encourage our employees to acquire the latest skills and knowledge in order to keep ahead of the changing times. Our related programs include Mizuho College, which enables employees to enhance their business skills and digital literacy through Massive Open Online Courses and other means, and Mizuho Knowledge Forum, which brings in well–known experts as lecturers to provide employees with broader and higher level perspectives. In addition, employees who take advantage of correspondence courses to study advanced material at their own pace can receive subsidies for the cost of the courses upon completion.

Mizuho e–Campus

Mizuho e–Campus is a group–wide learning portal facilitating employees' own self–driven study. Available content runs the gamut from the basics of finance to the latest developments in digital technology and even includes information on career support.

Career design opportunities

Voluntary training

One way in which we help our employees' reach their career goals is by offering voluntary training programs to further their professional development. These programs offer employees opportunities to gain knowledge and experience outside their everyday work. In doing so, they enable employees to overcome their challenges and develop their skills through their own initiative. Some examples of programs include the industry exchange program, in which employees take part in group work with next generation leaders at other companies in order to improve their own leadership skills; the Blue Lab short–term training program, in which employees experience the digital technology business; the instructor challenge program, in which employees interested in education take on instructor roles in orienting new employees; and Mizuho PMD, in which employees apply an action learning process to addressing Mizuho's issues.

Job Change Program

This program allows employees to apply for other jobs, either within or connected to Mizuho, so that they can pursue their own career goals and obtain increasingly specialized capabilities. The numerous opportunities available within our financial group include, for example, positions at Mizuho Securities in which employees can learn about our investment banking business. Also available are secondment opportunities at external companies, including positions at startups, consulting firms, and major manufacturers. By having access to these opportunities, employees are able to take on the professional roles that interest them, without being restricted to their current company.

Internal recruitment programs

We have several open recruitment programs to support employees in proactively pursuing their career goals at an early stage. With the aim of developing and advancing our early career employees, we offer a recruitment program that allows employees to apply for branch manager positions at Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Trust & Banking branches. In addition, we maintain two similar recruitment programs that allow early career and operations specialist employees to apply for management positions. These programs are providing more opportunities for our highly motivated early career employees, invigorating our organization, and strengthening our frontline operations.

Expert Program

The purpose of the Expert Program is to rapidly identify and provide career–development support to operations specialist employees who have outstanding specialist capabilities, are highly motivated, and have the potential for promotion to a management–level job.

After completing the program, employees are given more advanced role expectations and objectives, as well as additional opportunities along with workshops at each stage of career development as part of the program's goal to prepare participants for management–level positions. Mizuho is making an organization–wide effort to develop operations specialist employees and prepare them to take on a variety of roles.

Job Track Transfer System

This system enables employees to change job tracks, such as Management Track (Generalist), Management Track (Specialist), and Operations Specialist Track. The objective of this system is to provide a wider range of options to better accommodate the diverse goals and interests of our workforce, enabling each individual to expand the scope of their duties and/or fields of expertise in line with their career aspirations, and helping us achieve our commitment to putting the right person in the right position throughout the organization.

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Individualized career support

Career Advisor Consulting System

This system provides opportunities for employees to gain career advice in relation to marriage, childbirth, parenting, aging family member care, and other changes in their personal situations, as well as to changes in social conditions. Employees can receive guidance on medium– to long–term career planning, including taking charge of their own careers, and supporting direct reports in developing and managing their own careers. They can receive individualized support from both external specialists and Mizuho employees who are qualified career advisors. Among these career advisors are female career advisors who can provide advice on the particular issues women face in developing their careers.

Career fairs

We hold internal career fairs where employees can share information with each other about working styles and experiences in various areas of our business, learn about different topics based on their own interests, and gain a better understanding of the opportunities available for them to expand the scope of their careers. Participants use the fairs to consider the possibilities open to them and to take a more active role in designing their own career paths.