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Human Resources System

Group–Wide HR Management

With regard to our employees, we are supporting the implementation of our customer segmentation strategy and the construction of our new "financial services consulting group" business model from a personnel perspective, through strategic, global, group–wide personnel rotation and a transition to a group–wide shared platform for basic remuneration.

Fair Evaluations Reflecting Job Duties and Performance

To fully compensate employees for their contribution, a performance–based evaluation system has been adopted and employees are evaluated fairly, based on their job duties and on their performance. Under this system, all employees participate in meetings with their direct supervisors and frankly discuss matters such as job–related issues and future objectives. Evaluation results are reflected in bonuses, salary adjustments, and retirement benefits. In considering contribution and performance over the medium– to long–term, we are striving to maintain and improve employee motivation. In addition, we have implemented a "360–degree feedback" system where managers are evaluated by their co–workers and direct reports, increasing the understanding and transparency of evaluations.

Basic Data on Employees

Table:Basic Data on Employees

  • * The table above reflects the status of the human resources system at the end of March each year. Figures do not include employees for whom March 31 was the final day of employment at Mizuho.
  • * Data collected from Mizuho Financial Group (including employees on loan (seconded) to Mizuho Securities), Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Information & Research Institute.