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HR Vision

Mizuho has established an HR Vision as a commitment to supporting all employees to take initiative and develop themselves in line with Mizuho's Corporate Identity.

Mizuho Financial Group firmly believes that the personal development of individual employees contributes to the stable and sustainable growth of the group as a whole.

Mizuho recognizes employees who put the Mizuho Values into practice, and helps employees to achieve a more fulfilling life through their work.

  • Mizuho encourages employees to utilize their strengths, and provides opportunities for them to use their skills and to develop their abilities.
  • Mizuho encourages employees who differ in terms of gender, country of origin, cultural background, and values to understand, respect, and inspire each other.
  • Mizuho works with its employees to create a corporate culture that encourages people to be passionate about and take pride in their work.

Mizuho's HR Policy

Principles for Mizuho's HR Management under the HR Vision

Mizuho's HR Policy (PDF/61KB)