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Achieving Diversity and Inclusion

By proactively incorporating the diverse perspectives and thinking of our workforce, regardless of gender or nationality, into day–to–day operations and decision–making, Mizuho aims to create new corporate value as employees continually develop innovative products and transform service and operational processes, both key to remaining competitive in the financial industry and in this fast–paced business environment.

Under our HR Vision, which is Mizuho's commitment to encouraging all employees to take initiative and develop themselves, and in line with Mizuho's Corporate Identity, we have published a Diversity and Inclusion Statement and are promoting various initiatives to achieve the goals set therein.

Structure for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The newly established Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Offices within Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, and Mizuho Information & Research Institute collaborate to promote diversity and inclusion across the group as a whole, to ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, nationality, etc. are provided with equal development and advancement opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The Diversity & Inclusion Statement establishes the fundamental strategy, areas of focus, and primary initiatives that Mizuho will undertake in order to foster growth and promote the active involvement of all members of Mizuho's diverse workforce in line with the core thinking contained in the HR Vision.

Numerical Targets

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Area Target To be achieved by Current percentage and number of people
Outside Japan
(Mizuho Bank)
Percentage of management positions filled by employees hired outside Japan 50% Jul 2019 33% 123 Jul 2016
Percentage of management positions filled by women 10% Jul 2019 7% 25 Jul 2016
(total for the four core group companies*)
Percentage of management positions filled by women General manager equivalent and above 10% Jul 2019 3% 196 Jul 2016
Manager equivalent and above 20% Jul 2019 10% 1,237 Jul 2016
Assistant manager equivalent and above 30% Jul 2019 22% 4,049 Jul 2016
Percentage of new graduates hired for management track jobs who are female 30% FY2019 intake 34% FY2016
Percentage of paid annual leave taken by employees 70% FY2018 64% FY2015
Percentage of eligible male employees who take childcare leave 100% FY2018 8.8% Oct 2016
Percentage of employees who are individuals with disabilities 2.3% Jun 2019 2.1% Jun 2016
  • *Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities

Promoting the Employment and Advancement of Diverse Human Resources

Information about our initiatives to create an engaging work environment where our diverse workforce can actively participate and contribute, regardless of gender or nationality, etc.

Promoting Work–Life Balance

Information about our initiatives to promote more flexible work arrangements and support employees balancing work with caring for a child or an aging family member.

Changing Mindsets

Information about our initiatives to change the mindsets of executive officers and employees in order to achieve greater diversity and inclusion.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Information about our action plan for providing a supportive environment for employees with children.