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Changing Mindsets

Changing Group–Wide Employee Mindsets

Mizuho is working to change employee mindsets and behavior where necessary as an essential part of our efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion.

Promotion via the Group Magazine

A quarterly special section in the internal group corporate communications magazine, titled M–Style, promotes awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion through profiles of role models and features on the latest diversity and inclusion initiatives at Mizuho.

From January 2017, Mizuho has also begun publishing a group–wide magazine in Japan that introduces employees who are active at Mizuho in a variety of ways. This magazine aims to raise awareness of Mizuho's Fundamental Reforms in HR Management among all employees and to help them reach their full potential.


The M–Style section of the Mizuho internal group corporate communications magazine


Change!, the internal magazine (currently Japan only) to help all employees reach their full potential

Company Awards Program

A Diversity & Inclusion category has been added to Mizuho's internal awards program, which recognizes outstanding performance and contribution to the organization by individuals, offices, or branches.

Awards given in this category specifically recognize work related to diversity and inclusion, such as initiatives that support the needs of employees with time constraints due to caring for a child or aging family member. These good examples are then publicized, for example via the internal group corporate communications magazine, as encouragement to others in the group to make changes to their thinking and actions, with an awareness of how they affect the inclusiveness of the work environment.

Changing Mindsets at Management Level

In order to achieve our goals for greater diversity and inclusion at Mizuho, and to create an environment that enables the growth and active participation of every member of our diverse workforce, it is essential that management–level employees fully understand the issues involved and adjust their frontline management practices accordingly. Mizuho is working to change mindsets at the managerial level through training sessions and seminars on the promotion of greater diversity and inclusion.

In addition, Mizuho has incorporated "efforts to promote diversity and inclusion" as one aspect of the employees evaluation for general managers of offices and branches.

Training for Management–Level Employees

Newly appointed management–level employees receive training targeted at their job level several times each year, regarding the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the development and utilization of diverse talent, and the promotion of a good work–life balance.

Training is provided to general managers and joint general managers of branches, and in head office departments to general managers and other managers in their reporting line.

Furthermore, as part of our initiatives to support female employees in their career development, we provide communication skills training for managers. This training aims to increase managers' ability to support female employees' development and career advancement by providing flexibility for employees balancing their work and family commitments, and to motivate employees not to limit themselves.

Diversity Seminars for Management

Diversity seminars for management-level employees are held once a year, with external speakers invited to provide lectures on topics relating to team management and diversity and inclusion.


Management staff attending a diversity seminar

The "Ikuboss Alliance"

In December 2014, Mizuho was one of the first companies to join the "Ikuboss Alliance" organized by the NPO Fathering Japan. An "Ikuboss" is defined as a manager at any level who produces good results for their company by supporting their team in achieving a good work–life balance, while also setting a good example by enjoying a good balance between their own work and personal life. The Ikuboss Alliance is a network of Japanese companies that recognize the need for such managers and are working to transform mindsets among their management–level staff with the aim of cultivating a new kind of management style.

The aims of the Ikuboss Alliance match an essential theme for the management of Mizuho's diverse workforce: supporting female employees' career development and the achievement of a good balance between work and family commitments. One way in which Mizuho is participating in the Ikuboss Alliance is organizing networking meetings with companies in other industries.



Founding ceremony for the Ikuboss Alliance

Ikuboss Initiatives at Mizuho

Ikuboss initiatives at Mizuho in FY2015 included small–group discussion sessions and meetings for members of various industries, to encourage networking and information–sharing between management–level employees. Attendees also pledged their commitment to the "Ikuboss Declaration". The special M–Style section of the Mizuho internal group corporate communications magazine also featured a series profiling Ikuboss role models.


Attendees at a small–group discussion session affirm their commitment to the Ikuboss Declaration.


Ikuboss profile series in the M–Style section of the internal group corporate communications magazine

Employee Connectivity

Mizuho is promoting the concept of connectivity on a global basis, emphasizing the importance of mutual trust, consideration and respect between the company and our employees, and between employees themselves, regardless of differences in nationality, gender, culture and so on. We aim to construct a corporate culture of mutual respect, where employees will be able to take on challenges without seeing failure as a risk to be avoided, but as an opportunity for positive growth.

Connectivity at Mizuho

Connections between employees, which are not restricted by differences such as nationality, gender or value systems, act as a solid support for the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and enhance employee motivation. These connections therefore also support the company's stable and sustainable growth, and allow employees to enjoy a fulfilling career. As a whole, activities related to nurturing and utilizing these connections are promoted at Mizuho under the keyword "connectivity". Mizuho provides support for the cultivation of networks for various employee demographics such as female employees or those raising children. These connectivity networks transcend differences such as nationality or age.

M–WIN: Mizuho Women's Initiatives Network

In March 2017, the Mizuho Women's Initiatives Network (M–WIN) was established as an autonomous employee network to connect Mizuho's 37,000 female employees around the world, regardless of entity or region. M–WIN provides Mizuho's female employees with opportunities to engage with one another and shape their careers. Mizuho's global offices are divided into five regions, and each region regularly exchanges information on its initiatives to promote women's empowerment in the workplace. Going forward, M–WIN will sponsor activities to empower all employees, regardless of gender, by identifying issues in women's empowerment on a global level and working toward solutions to those issues.


M–WIN kickoff meeting, May 2017

Activities in Japan

In Japan, the Women's Network was established in FY2015 as a study session where women from different generations and job classes across the group could come together and discuss their own careers, leadership development, and Mizuho's efforts to empower women.

In FY2016, the group's second year, around 80 female employees from five group companies (Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, and Mizuho Information & Research Institute) from all over Japan participated in networking events with female colleagues of varying ages, job levels, and job classes.

Network members discuss personal challenges they face and share their diverse opinions on what Mizuho should be aiming to achieve, as well as digging deeper into the challenges facing the company.


Members of the Mizuho Women's Network 2016


Discussion meeting

Connecting with External Women's Networks

Mizuho regularly sends female employees to seminars and discussion sessions held by other companies in order to develop female leaders and support them in building external networks as well. We also hold occasional networking sessions and discussion meetings with companies in other industries.


Multi–industry discussion meeting

Parenting Network and Courses for Working Parents

In terms of supporting working parents, Mizuho's commitment is not only to ensuring that employees are not put at a disadvantage based on their childcare obligations but also that they can achieve a good work–life balance and fully participate in their children's lives, achieving personal fulfillment and growth along the way. With this in mind, in FY2016, we established the "Parenting Network" – an internal network for working parents, open to employees in Japan. The network currently consists of 60 employees with young children.

Courses for Working Parents

Parenting Network members have been carrying out a trial run of an eleven–part course for working parents developed by Nihon Kyodo System, Inc. and The Center for Early Childhood Development, Education, and Policy Research, at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Education.

The course aims to provide participants with inspiration and ideas for trying different ways of working, balancing work and family commitments, and planning their careers. Mizuho hopes that the course will increase employee engagement and lead to the creation of a work environment where employees can participate more fully, with a sense of fulfillment and pride in their work.


The Course for Working Parents

Broadening Horizons Network

The Broadening Horizons Network, which focuses on a theme of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, was established in FY2016. Members examine issues facing people with disabilities and work to improve connectivity between employees. The network is open to all group company employees, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, and currently consists of 100 members around Japan.

The network's activities, which include a sign language club, aim to provide participants with inspiration and ideas about different ways of working and career paths, and Mizuho hopes that the network will increase employee engagement and lead to the creation of a work environment where employees can participate more fully, with a sense of fulfillment and pride in their work.


Sign language club

Caregivers' Network

The Caregivers' Network was formed in FY2016, with the aim of building connections between employees who are providing care for sick or aging family members, through activities such as lectures by visiting speakers and lunchtime meetings. The network currently has about 100 members from group company locations around Japan.

Lunchtime meetings and gatherings for caregivers provide participants with inspiration and ideas for trying different ways of working, balancing work and care commitments, and planning their careers going forward. Mizuho hopes that the network will increase employee engagement and lead to the creation of a work environment where employees can participate more fully, with a sense of fulfillment and pride in their work.


Weekend event for caregivers