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Case studies (Mizuho's initiatives)

Student work experience and school visits by employees implemented

As part of its educational contribution, Mizuho provides opportunities at its branches nationwide for students to experience actual work. In addition, based on the results of the joint research project, each group company's employees visit schools and teach finance in classes as guest instructors.
To address demand from the community for high–quality activities, Mizuho Bank, at its branches nationwide, has compiled educational tools. These educational tools for employees summarize important points on accepting students for actual work experience, and include videos that explain the bank's functions to elementary school and other students.


General view of work experience visit


A Mizuho employee during a school visit

Initiatives geared toward teachers

With the aim of spreading financial tuition across many more educational front lines, Mizuho implements a raft of initiatives geared toward teaching staff.

Holding of public lectures


To take advantage on the teaching front line of the results of joint research and research classes conducted under a joint research project, Mizuho has been holding public lectures that target school teachers and people with an interest in financial education since 2006.

Lectures held at faculty of education, Tokyo Gakugei University


Under a joint research project, Mizuho has been offering a liberal arts frontier course at Tokyo Gakugei University's Faculty of Education since 2007. On this course, the intention is to enhance tuition relating to careers and life plans involving financial knowledge to students who wish in the future to become school teachers.

Supporting the training given to teaching staff


Since 2013, Mizuho Securities has been supporting private–sector teacher training organized by the Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs). During the training, in addition to discussions about the content of the financial and economic tuition program and work experience, lectures were held to raise the level of financial literacy. Also, to deepen understanding of corporate activities, lectures were presented on CSR, information management, Diversity & Inclusion and other subjects.