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Overseas Activities

Mizuho is implementing a wide range of efforts to support the need to improve financial literacy in countries around the world.

Details of main initiatives

  • Implementing workplace experience field trips and financial classes targeting Japanese schools
  • Implementing workplace experience field trips and financial classes targeting local area schools
  • Implementing lectures relating to finances and economics targeting local area universities

Financial Education in India


MHBK regularly conducts the 'Financial Literacy Program' (FLP) through its 5 branches in India. The contents of this FLP are based on the educational material developed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) (India's Central Bank) as part of its 'Financial Inclusion Plan'.

MHBK partners with several NGOs and schools in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi to teach students and youth about such topics including the importance of: 'knowledge of basic banking', 'opening of bank accounts', 'security features of currency notes', 'household budget management', and 'prudent spending and saving'.

MHBK also arranges educational tours for such target audience to RBI's 'Financial Inclusion Research Center' in Bangalore, 'Digital Gallery' in Chennai and 'Monetary Museum' in Mumbai. In addition, MHBK takes up educational sessions for the under–served section of society including ladies in Mumbai.

Accepting students from London area schools as corporate trainees


Continuing from last year, in July 2015 the MHBK London branch accepted students from local area schools as corporate trainees for a period of approximately two weeks. During this period, in addition to practical training in each department, workshops and other activities were carried out.

Provided Financial Education and Workforce Training to Students

Mizuho's New York area employees share their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm as volunteers year round. From January to July 2016, Mizuho has partnered with local nonprofits at least once a month to provide training and assistance to economically disadvantaged middle and high school students totaling almost 150 hours. Seventy–three employees educated students about personal financial responsibility and workforce readiness, covering a range of subjects such as how to pay for college, personal money management, basic entrepreneurship, as well as resume preparation and interview skills.