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CS (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Initiatives

Image: CS (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Initiatives

Basic Approach —CS Improvement Initiatives—

Since putting our customers first is the basis of our group activities, we aim to provide customers with top–level comprehensive financial services globally that satisfy their needs at all times.

In addition to acting in accordance with our basic stance towards customers, we are encouraging all employees to have self–awareness that all their activities can win customer trust and satisfaction, thereby building long–term relationships of trust that value heartfelt ties with customers.

Initiatives to be the Best Financial Services Provider

Mizuho is working diligently to carry out the principles of the Mizuho Service Spirit (MSS), an approach aimed at improving customer satisfaction that is common across the Group in order to become the best financial services provider, which is one of the goals in Mizuho's Corporate Identity and Vision.

In recognition of efforts by each and every employee to behave in a manner that improves the satisfaction of customers and the endeavors of frontline offices and corporate headquarters to work in unison to become the best financial services provider while deepening the ties that link the Group under the One MIZUHO banner, Mizuho received a special service hospitality award from the Japan Institute of Information Technology.

Proactively Making Use of Customer Feedback

We earnestly address issues associated with customer dissatisfaction, customers' criticism, and other kinds of customer feedback and strive to quickly and appropriately respond by solving related problems. We consider such customer feedback to be an important management resource that facilitates our efforts to investigate and analyze the causes of problems, clarify the tasks that must be addressed, and implement the measures required to elevate the level of the entire Group's management quality and improve the Group's products and services going forward.

Systems to Capture Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Cards

At MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC, we prepare and distribute Customer Feedback Cards at a dedicated stand inside the lobby or at the front of the branches to collect customer feedback. In fiscal 2015, we collected approximately 215,000 Customer Feedback Cards. In addition, Mizuho branches* have installed "Customer Feedback Boards" as a means of posting articulations of the branches' responses to customer feedback items.

  • *Excluding a portion of branches

Further information
Implementation of the Customer First CS Policy (MHBK)

Image: Customer Feedback Cards

Photo: The Collection Box for Customer Feedback Cards and the Customer Feedback Board

The Collection Box for Customer Feedback Cards and the Customer Feedback Board

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

At MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC, we regularly conduct a customer satisfaction survey and use the results to improve and reinforce products and services.

Image: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Call Centers

We answer customers' phone inquiries at our call centers. The opinions and requests that we receive are collected at the Customer Services Division. In fiscal 2015, we received approximately 1,273,000 phone inquiries and requests for various referrals at MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC.

Photo: Call Centers

Call Centers

Special Toll–Free Line

A special toll–free line has been established for fielding comments and requests related to MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC.

Website Customer Service Counter

A web–based customer service counter has been established to field comments and requests related to MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC that arrive via the Internet.

Customer Feedback Reflected in Improvement of Management Quality

Case Study of Using Customer Feedback

MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC Establishing Joint Branches

In response to customer feedback saying "it would be convenient to have a single location for consultations regarding asset management, wills, and business succession issues rather than having to go to a securities company and a trust bank," Mizuho is moving ahead with the creation of joint banking, trust banking, and securities business branches.

Specific measures include the establishment of "Trust Lounge" facilities specializing in responding to inquiries with respect to MHTB as well as "Planet Booth" MHSC branch facilities within buildings housing MHBK branches (or adjacent buildings in some cases). Going forward, we will continue to make efforts to provide an expanded comprehensive range of financial services in ways that enable customers to enjoy the convenience of "one–stop shopping." Moreover, by acting as an agent for the trust services of MHTB, the head office and branches of MHBK and MHSC make proposals and provide introductions to MHTB upon receiving inquiries regarding trust products, such as inheritance distribution and testamentary trusts.

Barrier–Free Initiatives

In pursuit of the goal of becoming a bank that is easy for anyone to use regardless of age, gender, or disability, we are moving forward, wherever possible, with efforts to ease negotiation of uneven walkways; widen corridors; install automatic doors, elevators, handicapped restroom facilities, and ATMs for the visually impaired; and improve accessibility in other ways, as well.

Accurately Responding to Diverse Needs and Expectations

To ensure that it can respond accurately to customer feedback, Mizuho is making sustained efforts to upgrade all group employees' awareness of customer satisfaction issues. We are implementing various measures to this end, including those to bolster customer satisfaction training programs and to utilize group–wide customer satisfaction improvement tools. By striving to better understand the perspectives of customers, we are intent on accurately responding to customers' diverse needs and expectations so that we can leverage the outstanding specialized capabilities of each group company in providing products and services that lead to customer satisfaction going forward.