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Initiatives Aimed at Improving Convenience

Basic Approach

Mizuho works to improve convenience for customers, which includes promoting the creation of joint branches that seamlessly provide banking, trust banking, and securities products and services; operating next–generation branches that offer the most advanced financial services; and incorporating Fintech, which integrates finance and ICT (information communication technology), such as offering new services using smartphones and other devices.

Channel Strategy

Mizuho is the only megabank that operates branches in every prefecture in Japan. In addition, we are the No. 1 megabank in terms of providing a comprehensive network of ATMs to customers through our strategic alliance with AEON Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho is also expanding extensively overseas, especially in growing markets in Asia.

  (As of end–June 2016, excluding ATM network)
Domestic branch network
(incl. joint bank, trust bank, securities branches)
Approx. 800 branches
(approx. 190 locations)
ATM network* Approx. 6,700 locations
Overseas network
(incl. Europe, Middle/Near East, Africa)
(incl. Asia, Oceania)
(incl. North/Central/South America)
117 locations
(24 locations)
(54 locations)
(39 locations)
  • *Mizuho Bank: approx. 1,800 ATMs; AEON Bank: approx. 4,900 ATMs (as of March 2016)

Fintech Initiatives

Along with the progress in information technology, the diversification of communication methods accompanying expansion in the use of social media, and the penetration of electronic settlements into our daily lives, financial technology is evolving at a dramatic pace. Amid this operating environment, Mizuho is endeavoring to create new businesses and provide highly convenient services for its customers more so than before, so as to create an advanced brand image as a financial institution by collaborating with external organizations and making use of cutting–edge technology.