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Improving Convenience

Mizuho is working to improve convenience for its customers through implementing a policy of creating joint branches that provide banking, trust banking, and securities services seamlessly. It is also expanding its network of next–generation branches that offer the very latest new services, and developing services not requiring face–to–face contact that can be delivered via smartphones and other types of remote terminals.

Full–Service Branch and ATM Networks

Mizuho is the only megabank that operates branches in every prefecture in Japan. In addition, we are the No. 1 megabank in terms of providing a comprehensive network of ATMs to customers through our strategic alliance with AEON Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho is also expanding extensively overseas, especially in growing markets in Asia.

  (As of end–June 2017)
Domestic branch network
(incl. joint bank, trust bank, securities branches)
Approx. 800 branches
(approx. 190 locations)
ATM network* Approx. 6,900 locations
Overseas network
(incl. Europe, Middle/Near East, Africa)
(incl. Asia, Oceania)
(incl. North/Central/South America)
115 locations
(22 locations)
(54 locations)
(39 locations)
  • *Mizuho Bank:1,906 ATMs; AEON Bank: approx. 5,080 ATMs (as of March 2017)

Increasing Sophistication of Services Offered Via Mobile Terminals

Since the usage of smartphones began in Japan, Mizuho has taken a pioneering lead in providing smartphone–based services and has accumulated technology and know–how for the effective use of mobile terminals. Taking account of the opinions and requests expressed by its customers through its call centers and application download sites, Mizuho has also worked to expand and improve the functions of these services and to make them easier to use. As a result of these activities, the number of customers using smartphone banking services has now exceeded 500,000 persons per month.

June 2010 MHBK began to offer smartphone banking services through its website.
November 2010 Became the first bank to offer "banking services for smartphones" (excluding financial institutions specializing in these services)
May 2011 Began offering an "ATM and Branch Search Application" for smartphones
February 2012 Began to offer the "Mizuho Banking Application for Tablets" for tablet computers
March 2012 Began to offer the "Mizuho Bank Application" for smartphones
January 2014 Began to offer the "Mizuho Bank Simplified Account Opening Application" for smartphones
February 2014 Began to provide the "Internet Balance Reference Service" (a simplified balance information service) for smartphones
March 2014 Began to offer "Mizuho Direct Application" for smartphones
February 2015 Began to offer "Simplified Balance Information Application" for smartphones
June 2015 Began to offer "Mizuho Bank Investment Trust Account Opening Application" for smartphones
August 2015 Made "Simplified Balance Information Application" compatible with AppleWatch
September 2015 Made "Mizuho Direct Application" available in English
October 2015 Began to offer "LINE Simplified Balance Information Service" for smartphones
April 2016 Made possible the use of "Lifetime Bank Passbook by Moneytree" on "Mizuho Direct Application"
November 2016 Began to offer a "One–Time Password" application as one function within the "Mizuho Direct Application"
February 2017 Began to offer the "Bare Account Application: Pair Account" for use on smartphones

As a result of these initiatives, Mizuho has received the MCPC Award for six consecutive years since 2010 and has had the distinction of being the only company in any industry to receive this recognition. This award is supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and is given to companies to companies and groups that show outstanding results in structuring sophisticated systems through the introduction of mobile computing.

Offering New Lending Services

Together with Softbank, MHBK has established J. SCORE Co., Ltd., which aims to offer Fintech–based lending services to individual customers. J. SCORE is the first company in Japan to use a credit scoring model to raise scores by providing data on customers and inputting additional information, and, thereby, make it possible to finalize loan transactions using smartphones. Going forward, J. SCORE continues to gradually raise the level of its services.