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Other Initiatives

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Specific Donation Trusts

In order to create conditions for supporting public interest corporations, authorized NPOs, and other leaders of the "New Public," the fiscal 2011 tax system revision included establishment of the "Specific Donation Trust" system to encourage individuals to use trusts to make charitable contributions. MHTB, therefore, began in March 2012 to handle new products that invest and manage funds entrusted by customers, and make annual contributions of principal and investment income to public interest corporations and other beneficiaries.

Supporting the Activities of Social Entrepreneurs

To move forward with the development of social businesses in Japan, Mizuho has provided support for the activities of Ashoka Japan since its founding in 2011. Ashoka Japan is affiliated with Ashoka, an international organization providing support for social entrepreneurs. In addition, Mizuho has accumulated knowledge and know–how into social businesses and is giving consideration to how financial institutions should become involved in these activities.

Efforts for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

List of SRI Funds Managed by Asset Management One (As of Mar 31, 2016)

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Fund name
Sales company Net asset balance (Millions of JPY) Features, etc.
Global High Yielding Pure Infrastructure Fund (Monthly Dividend) (Growth Type) MHSC 3,708 Donation of a Portion of Trust Fees to Organization Working to Improve Developing Country Infrastructure
Global High Yielding Advanced Infrastructure Fund (Currency Select Type) MHSC 9,173
DIAM Highly Rated Income Open SRI (Monthly Dividend) (Happy Clover SRI) Multiple financial institutions 253 Invests in government bonds and corporate bonds in highly rated resource–rich countries and the stocks of Japanese corporations that actively engage in CSR activities and that are expected to experience sustainable growth.

For more information on environment–related funds, bonds, etc., please refer to the pages covering Investment Products Development and Sales.

Financing for NPOs Engaged in Affordable Housing Development in the U.S.

The U.S. Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) encourages financial institutions to work in partnership with state and local governments and community–based organizations to provide financial services to all members of a community. In line with CRA and the Mizuho Financial Group's commitment to leveraging its financial expertise to address societal needs, Mizuho Bank's U.S. commercial bank subsidiary, Mizuho Bank (USA), regularly provides community development loans, investments, grants and services to innovative nonprofit organizations that work to strengthen low and moderate income neighborhoods of New York City, where the bank is headquartered.

Since its inception in 2002, Mizuho Bank (USA) has maintained a robust portfolio of loans and investments supporting the creation and preservation of affordable housing and the provision of primary healthcare and other services. One of Mizuho Bank (USA)'s longtime community development clients is Breaking Ground, a supportive housing agency that provides exceptional affordable housing and supportive service programs impacting over 5,400 homeless and other vulnerable New Yorkers every year. Over the past twenty–six years, Breaking Ground has renovated, developed and/or managed twenty buildings benefiting people in need. Mizuho has provided a line of credit to Breaking Ground since 2002, which has helped facilitate the creation of 1,762 units in fourteen buildings financed through public sector sources. Mizuho Bank (USA) is proud to support nonprofit clients like Breaking Ground who have such a positive social impact on our local communities.

In addition, the bank's corporate foundation, the Mizuho USA Foundation, makes charitable grants for initiatives that contribute to the strength and vitality of urban neighborhoods. Mizuho staff provide volunteer assistance by serving on nonprofit boards and committees, or through skills–based and hands–on activities. Mizuho Bank (USA) has received an Outstanding CRA rating from federal and state banking regulators.


Breaking Ground's Brook Avenue Residence for formerly homeless adults. Mizuho loan helped Breaking Ground finance the project costs.