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Medical Care and Health

As Japan is an advanced country regarding the challenges associated with the aging population and declining birthrate, measures to overcome the challenges through the progress of the medical care and health industry are a crucial means of enabling Japan's sustained growth. Based on its abundant industry expertise, Mizuho is promoting the establishment of medical care and health–related government policies and is building support systems for a wide range of customers.

Initiatives in Financing and Investments

Contributing to the Medical Device Industry through the Medical Device Incubation Fund

In November 2013, MHBK and the government's Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (hereinafter, INCJ) jointly established the Medical Device Incubation Fund (hereinafter, the fund), which is Japan's first investment fund specializing in medical devices, with total resources of JPY 6.0 billion.

This fund selects development projects with an eye to commercialization from among ideas and technological seeds coming out of universities, hospitals, private companies, and elsewhere. The fund then establishes special–purpose vehicles (SPVs) for each project and invests development capital.

At the same time, INCJ and MHBK established a fund management company, employing staff and professionals with experience as doctors and in the medical device business that is responsible for project management, including design of the commercialization process.

Thus, the fund gives strong support for funding and in the areas of personnel and know–how and acts as a bridge between the stage of technical seeds coming from universities to the stage where medical device manufacturers will want to commercialize the technologies. In the short term, the fund is focusing on developing a commercial success model for medical device technologies that are born in Japan. In the medium term, the fund will work to improve the incubation environment for medical devices in Japan, and, in the long term, it plans to contribute to the development of an industry foundation for medical devices in Japan.

Through this fund, MHBK will supply risk money for the development of medical devices and work to contribute to the nurturing of the medical device industry.

"Mizuho Clinic Assist" Loans for Clinics

To meet the facility establishment and facility operation–related funding needs of doctors in private practices or preparing to create such practices, MHBK offers favorable financing methods.

Consulting Services for National and Local Government Entities

Support for Medical Care Policy Planning

MHIR provides central and local government units with support for the creation of policies related to medical and nursing care. Having established a team that handles medical care policies implemented by government units responsible for social security policies, the institute is undertaking studies and analyses of situations required when considering systemic reforms, studies and research of overseas practices worth considering in connection with the creation of new systems, diverse kinds of studies and research designed to promote the medical care industry, and the leveraging of findings from such studies and research to provide support to local government units with respect to the creation of policies.

Consulting Services for Corporations, Medical Institutions, and Health Insurance Associations

Providing Consulting Functions for Medical Care Institutions

Leveraging its abundant knowledge regarding the medical care field, Mizuho undertakes diverse consulting projects on behalf of medical care institutions. As MHBK has established a study team focused on the medical care field and MHRI employs specialized consultants qualified to meet customer needs, Mizuho is promoting concerted Group–wide efforts to promote the provision of medical care–related consulting services.

Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Optimize Medical Care Expenses

Leveraging the know–how it has accumulated in the course of such activities as those to create and operate medical care expense analysis systems and systems for medical care insurance providers, MHIR has developed its unique "healthage" software–which enables the analysis of medical care and health information to gain a clear understanding of such factors as those related to lifestyles, health conditions, and medical expenses as well as to make comparisons between occupational categories and regions–and it uses this software and other tools to provide consulting services, including preparation of "Data Health Plans" as provided for in the government's "Japan Revitalization Strategy," to medical care insurance providers.

Information Disclosure

Mizuho Medical Welfare Seminar Held

Since 2012, MHIR has held the annual Mizuho Medical Welfare Seminar.

Mizuho Medical Welfare Seminar Events Held
Date Topic Participants
July 2015 (No. 4) Toward the Realization of a Health Maintenance Business based on the PDCA cycle
(Implementation of Data Health Plans and Highlights of Outcome Measurement)
July 2014 (No. 3) Creation of Data Health Plans and Highlights of Health Maintenance Business Implementation 91
July 2013 (No. 2) Initiatives to Promote Health of Employees and Right–Size Medical Expenditures Based on Data Analysis 97
July 2012 (No. 1) Toward a Plan to Right–Size Stage Two Medical Expenditures 54