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Mizuho Heartful Business

To ensure that the branches of Mizuho Bank are readily accessible to everyone, Mizuho has promoted the "Heartful Project" with the aim of incorporating barrier–free and universal design principles in Mizuho Bank's banking facilities since November 2005.

To help spread this initiative throughout society, steps were taken to roll out the "Mizuho Heartful Business" in fiscal 2010 in an effort to support companies and individuals also seeking to incorporate barrier–free and universal design principles into their activities.

As a part of this support for companies and individuals, customers designated as "Heartful Companies" are provided with "Mizuho Heartful Loans" and "Mizuho Heartful Private Placement" services.

To promote industrial development that facilitates the lives of the elderly and the disabled, we are supporting customers' efforts to develop businesses addressing the needs of the elderly by implementing business matching that helps build cooperative relationships between companies in different industries. Several negotiation type "Business Matching forums" with the theme of "Businesses Focused on the Elderly" were organized, and an individual business meeting is also conducted as needed.

In addition, for individual customers, Mizuho Bank provides a consulting service for customers' money plans for a second life in affluent circumstances, as well as a "Reform Loan" to make their residences barrier–free.

"Mizuho Heartful Loan" and "Mizuho Heartful Private Placement" Transaction Results
  As of March 31,2017 As of March 31,2018
Cumulative No. of Loans and Transactions 1,786 1,739
Balance (Millions of JPY) 31,958 15,884

*Heartful Companies

Companies that provide or develop products or services that improve the lives of the elderly or disabled

Companies that actively employ the elderly or disabled

Companies that are working to create comfortable work environments and actively promoting diversity

In March 2013, Mizuho's "Heartful Project" and "Heartful Business" initiatives have been recognized for good practices in deposits, lending, and leasing under the Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society (Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century), which is a voluntary initiative established by a committee of financial institutions. Mizuho's initiatives to promote a more barrier–free society for the elderly and persons with disabilities through efforts towards universal design and the creation of barrier–free environments within Mizuho offices, as well as providing loans and services to companies that offer products, services, or employment to the elderly or disabled, have been well regarded by our peers in the financial industry.

Business Matching Forum

Business Matching Forum

Offering Multifunctional Safety Trust that respond to the various needs of elderly customers

In Multifunctional Safety Trust accounts, Mizuho Trust & Banking manages funds deposited by customers in principal–guaranteed financial instruments, and, when customers require the functions and services, they can make use of their financial resources.

In addition to providing financial services, such as request for consent of payout, annual fund giving, and other services, Mizuho provides life–support services. These include introductions to companies offering such services as care for the aged, homes for the elderly, housekeeping, and other services on a favorably discounted basis.

Multifunctional Safety Trust

Multifunctional Safety Trust

Mizuho Reverse Mortgages

The average life span of the Japanese people is growing longer. Along with this trend, uncertainty about securing funds to pay living expenses after retirement is mounting in society, and the role of financial institutions in helping their customers prepare for life after retirement with peace of mind is increasing. With these trends in mind, Mizuho Bank is working to develop and offer attractive financial products and services to meet the needs of its customers after retirement.

One of these is the "Mizuho Reverse Mortgage Loan", also known as "Mizuho Prime Age", (hereinafter referred to as this Loan Product). This Loan Product enables elderly customers who own homes (where they reside) to pledge their residences as collateral and borrow funds up to a specified limit as needed. Customers approved for this Loan Product may use the funds they borrow at their discretion for pursuing their hobbies and interests, including travel, thus enabling them to live full and rewarding "second lives" after retirement. They may also use the loan proceeds to redecorate and refurbish their homes, to pay the costs of entering retirement homes, and for paying other expenses. Since the loans are repaid in a lump sum after the elderly customers pass away, through the sale of their residences, there is basically no need to pay interest or loan principal during the term of the loan.

Mizuho Trust & Banking, in collaboration with Mizuho Trust & Banking, will respond to the wide range of customer needs of the elderly by enabling them to effectively utilize their homes as assets and provide other asset management functions, including the sale of their homes.


Poster of Mizuho Prime Age

Providing information on the website to generations preparing for nearing retirement for their "Second Life"

As the average lifespan grows longer, it has been said that we are in the "100 Year Lifespan" era, and the period described as our "second life" is becoming longer than previously. On the other hand, according to the results of a questionnaire conducted by Mizuho Bank in 2017, about 78% of those generations approaching retirement are thinking of preparations for retirement, but about 80% of those retired responded that they had not completed preparations for retirement. This suggests that many people have not made preparations during their most active years and are not spending an ideal second life.

In view of this situation, with the aim of enabling more people to live fulfilling lives, in 2017 Mizuho Bank began to provide information on its website in a section entitled "Information on Life and Money after Age 50" on the four themes of most interest to people in their 50s; namely life, money, healthcare and family. Information includes suggestions for how to use one's time and money to live a fulfilling second life, how to use retirement allowances, and information on caring for parents, including related expenses. With a view to the upcoming second life event the website also contains much information useful for thinking through a life plan suited to individual needs.



Policymaking support in the social security field

Mizuho Information & Research Institute provides a variety of policymaking support solutions across a wide range of medical, nursing care, welfare, pension, insurance, and related areas to government and public organizations in the social security field.