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Revitalizing regional economies

As a result of the trend in Japan toward concentration of businesses and other activities solely in Tokyo, regional populations are expected to decline and their economies to shrink in the future. Revitalization of regional towns is an urgent task, through a virtuous circle in which people and jobs return to regional areas.

Utilizing its network of branches in each of Japan's prefectures, Mizuho is striving to promote the revitalization of regional economies and industries by providing its customers with smooth supplies of funding, engaging in management consultations, and supplying various other kinds of management support.

Regional revitalization–related funds invested by Mizuho

Mizuho has invested a total of around JPY10.2 billion in 17 funds and is providing industry knowledge and capital with the aim of contributing to the development of Japan's economy and society, strengthening the competitiveness of Japanese industries through the collaboration with regional banks, national and local public entities, and investing in Sixth Industry Funds and regional vitalization funds.

For information about our initiatives in the transformation of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries into a sixth-order industry, please refer to "Helping make Japan's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries into new growth industries".

Regional revitalization–related funds invested by Mizuho
Regional revitalization–related funds invested by Mizuho

(As of Mar 31, 2018)

Area One MIZUHO Promotion Project

To provide the highest quality integrated financial services to customers, drawing on Mizuho's banking, trust banking, and securities capabilities, Mizuho initiated its Area One MIZUHO Promotion Project in fiscal 2014. The banking, trust banking, and securities functions in each region convene meetings to identify, from a wide perspective, and then implement what will be necessary to become "the most trusted financial services group."
Beginning in fiscal 2016, Mizuho newly launched its Area One MIZUHO Promotion Project with the aim of growing together with regional economies and societies, confront the issues that must be addressed in each region through integrated banking, trust banking, and securities functions, and then implementing initiatives to solve various issues in collaboration with regional governments, regional financial institutions, local businesses, members of regional communities, and others. By building cooperative relationships with local cities, towns, and villages as well as regional banks, local chambers of commerce, and others, Mizuho will be able to take active initiatives in counteracting the decline in local regions due to shrinking population, the rise in welfare and medical needs along with the demographic aging of the population, and thereby contribute to regional economies and societies.


Collaboration with local communities

Mizuho is taking initiatives to revitalize regional economies and industries through collaboration with local governments and agencies

Initiatives in Fiscal 2017

Mizuho has concluded the "Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement" with Shibuya–ku (a ward within Tokyo)

Mizuho has concluded a "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" with Setagaya–ku (a ward within Tokyo)

Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Aiming for recovery following the earthquake disaster in Kumamoto Prefecture

In August 2016, Mizuho Bank concluded an agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture entitled "Agreement Regarding Support for Disaster Recovery in Kumamoto Prefecture." Based on this agreement, Mizuho is collaborating with that prefecture to draw on its broad knowledge of finance, including its understanding of industries and schemes for private–public sector collaboration, to take initiatives in acting as a financial intermediary and providing consulting functions to work toward recovery in the disaster–stricken areas.

Ceremony for signing the agreement

Ceremony for signing the agreement

Going forward also, Mizuho will take active initiatives to promote disaster recovery and regional development.

Aiming for recovery following the earthquake disaster in Fukushima Prefecture

In March 2016, Mizuho Financial Group and Fukushima Prefecture signed a collaborative agreement. This agreement looks to the holding of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games when Mizuho, as a Gold Banking Partner*, will work with Fukushima Prefecture, to generate a positive mood in the prefecture with the objective of hastening recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. With the goal of recovery from the mega–quake, Mizuho and Fukushima have collaborated in many ways, and will work to step up these activities, including sponsoring sporting events jointly in Fukushima.

  • *Mizuho is a Tokyo 2020 Gold Banking Partner.

Signing of the collaborative agreement

Signing of the collaborative agreement

Initiatives in Fiscal 2015

Revitalizing local industry in Ehime Prefecture

In April 2015, Mizuho Bank concluded a comprehensive agreement on industrial promotion and other activities with Ehime Prefecture. Under this agreement, Mizuho and Ehime Prefecture are creating frameworks for revitalizing local industries, including Ehime's traditional arts, crafts, and regional brands.
In addition to a wide range of activities aimed at regional revitalization, Mizuho moves forward on specific initiatives to contribute to what the government has specified as "creating towns, people, and jobs" through making various proposals and suggestions based on Mizuho's industry expertise. Those include the transformation of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries into sixth industries, building industrial clusters, and so on.

Signing of the comprehensive agreements

Signing of the comprehensive agreements

Collaboration with others

Mizuho is moving ahead with initiatives aimed at regional revitalization working together with a range of organizations that have specialized knowledge and capabilities.

Initiatives in Fiscal 2017

Alliances with Blue Lab and Airbnb

In July 2017, Mizuho Bank concluded alliances with Blue Lab and Airbnb with the objective of assisting these companies with the further development and expansion of their residential accommodation businesses and the promotion of tourism.

Under this alliance, with the provision of Airbnb's knowledge of residential accommodation business and travel services as well as the support of Blue Lab's business creation functions, Mizuho will draw on its broad customer base, and aims to help revitalize regional economies through expansion of tourism by supplying accommodation, developing new travel experiences, and creating peripheral businesses, including casualty insurance.

Examples of other initiatives

Implementation of a "Regional Business Collaboration" agreement with Shizuoka Bank, Limited

Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Cooperation agreement signed with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Under its cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, which was concluded in December 2015, Mizuho Bank has sponsored open innovation seminars for its customers, held business matching events, and taken initiatives to support the development of core regional companies.

Looking ahead, Mizuho will continue its activities to promote innovation with the aim of raising Japan's growth potential and vitalize regional areas.

Initiatives in Fiscal 2015

Cooperative agreement signed with Kiyo Bank for regional revitalization of Wakayama Prefecture

In October 2015, Mizuho bank and Kiyo Bank signed an agreement to coordinate efforts at regional revitalization in Wakayama Prefecture. Through this agreement, both banks leverage their networks to provide business assistance to companies within the prefecture, facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge that promotes the revitalization of the regional economy, and advance PPP/PFI projects.