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Support for Business and Asset Succession, and Innovative Companies

Support for Business and Asset Succession

Business succession, a major management issue for our mid–tier and SME customers, entails issues related to the succession of management rights to a company and issues related to the passing down of the business owner's assets. Mizuho provides solutions for issues related to business and asset succession that are tailor–made to the unique situation of each customer.

A Variety of Seminars Held

For business owners and other customers, Mizuho holds the Mizuho Top Owners Seminar, which covers issues related to banking, trust banking, and securities, as well as other seminars for specific topics related to business and asset succession, as well as asset management. Mizuho strives to provide information and advice about topics of strong interest to its customers, including business succession, asset inheritance, and equity markets.

Mizuho Top Owners Seminar covering banking, trust banking, and securities

Mizuho Top Owners Seminar covering banking, trust banking, and securities

Support for the Smooth, Secure Transfer of Wealth

MHTB uses trust functions to provide customers with peace of mind by supporting the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Key services include the following. With MHTB as the trust agent, MHBK and MHSC offer several trust products and services in the following.

  • Consent to Undertake the Execution of Wills Service: Services covering everything from consulting for will preparation to will execution
  • Will Safe–Keeping Service: Safe, reliable will custody services
  • Inheritance Arrangement Services: Representation in the performance of necessary procedures following will execution
  • Asset Inheritance Trust: Custom planning for the future transfer wealth (monetary)
  • Educational Funding Donation Trusts: Careful management of educational funds to be donated to grandchildren, etc.
  • Marriage and Childrearing Support Trust ("Gift of Hope"): Administration of funds to be given to children and grandchildren for marrying and raising children
  • Mizuho Calendar Year Gift Trust ("Thoughtful Gift") : Assisting customers through providing services to manage and invest funds for annual gifts to family members
  • MHTB offers two types of trusts for the family, namely: "single lump–sum payment trusts" and "pension trusts." Single lump–sum payment trusts are used to set aside funds that will be necessary for families immediately after an inheritance event occurs. Pension trusts provide for periodic payments of life support funds to families following an inheritance.

MHTB conducts seminars on estates and wills to promote wider understanding of these topics.


Initiatives to support innovative start–ups

For innovative start–ups that have superior technology and ideas, Mizuho provides both loans and equity financing, while also actively offering business development opportunities such as business matching as well as through collaboration with industry, academia, and government ministries. Other assistance includes holding seminars for training and mentoring.

In April 2016, MHBK newly established its Innovative Start–ups Coordination Department, and MHSC formed a Strategic Research Department with the aim of improving and strengthening our initiatives to support start–ups. Through these activities, Mizuho aims to provide financial support that will lead to sustainable growth in the Japanese economy and creation of new jobs.



Arrangement of risk money investment program responding to growth funding needs of Japanese companies

Financial institutions are expected to play roles in supporting companies from a broad perspective by sharing risk, providing industry and business knowledge, and supporting the creation of corporate governance frameworks. MHBK has arranged a joint investment program, "Blue Partners Fund," in cooperation with the Development Bank of Japan. In a wide range of situations, Japanese companies need funding for business growth. By supporting corporate growth and providing risk money through joint investments with companies and provision of equity capital, MHBK is contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of Japan's economy and society.


Business Development

Business Matching

MHBK holds business matching forums as a venue for customers to meet each other.

Business matching forum events held in fiscal 2015:
Topic Location Consultations
Visit Japan (foreign tourism) Tokyo About 310
Risk management Nagoya About 70
Manufacturing Ota Ward
About 110
Tohoku area customers only Sendai About 170
Visit Japan (foreign tourism) Osaka About 180
Innovative companies only Tokyo About 200
Kyushu area customers only Fukuoka About 230
Regional revitalization Tokyo About 450


Education, Mentoring

IPO Support Structure

Mizuho provides solutions tailored to its customers' needs by coordinating with MHSC, which supports listed companies as a securities firm, including the needs of customers considering an initial public offering (IPO); MHTB, which provides transfer agent services, including advice on securities matters and other support; and Mizuho Capital, which offers advice for venture capital investments and public offerings.

Held Events for Unlisted Companies for the Purpose of Exchanging Information

Since 2005, MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC have held events for unlisted companies to assemble for the purpose of exchanging information with customers eyeing an IPO.

Number of participating companies in fiscal 2015 160